Meta Unveils Exciting New Group Features At Its Communities Summitt Event And Here’s What To Expect

The sixth Communities Summit event was recently held by Meta and this program brought together several group admins and industry experts. A lot was discussed and unveiled including exciting new features, tools, and tips.

Facebook went public with some innovative group offerings that ranged from view-only chat options to customized member profile pictures, sharing options for Stories, and so many more.

Another great offering was Reels for Groups which would allow different members to share their content, inform others, add their stories, and even allow for deeper general connections. We’re not too surprised here as the digital world is all about Reels these days and the firm is on the lookout for ways through which it can further improve this aspect.

Now, the app’s group members will also be getting the chance to share public happenings for the community on Instagram, which will certainly assist in giving out engagement options while attracting group members along the way.

Then there was talk about the platform experimenting with different customization options that include ‘About Me’ that’s specific for every community. This is so a lot more information can be highlighted to the respective audiences involved and a brand new indicator that shows who is open to private chats on the app’s messaging service.

Other updates include Facebook carrying out trials to see if view-only chats can be a possibility for group admins and those moderating the groups. This way, it would solely comprise one-way chats with all members involved. Moreover, they would no longer be required to respond to texts in a conversation. Then an option to highlight who are the top contributors in a group is also being worked upon. Those doing their best or putting in the extra effort will now be rewarded with points and given the option to take on new responsibilities in the group.

A great example is how gaming groups can share helpful tips and tricks outlined by others and also share news about the latest trends and happenings in this niche. Hence with these points, users can get badges and also be featured on group profiles. It just makes it so much easier for the members of the admins to carefully point out which member is designated for which purpose.

At last, Facebook is also experimenting with new elements located in its Admin Assist. This will allow group admins to carry out post-removals through automated means after being confirmed by the app’s fact-checkers. It just adds a whole new level of convenience without having the need to come face to face with members and conduct a justification session for such behavior.

It makes sense why Facebook is putting a lot of emphasis on its group elements. While the app has received a lot of hits in terms of monthly active users, some groups are key locations for engagement on the app. So Meta doesn’t want the platform to lose out on that.

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