Google's Executives Highlight Some Important SEO Mistakes And Image Filenames Importance

In a recent podcast, the top executives of Google, Lizzi Sassman & John Mueller, highlight the importance of image filenames and SEO mistakes.

Image filenames are the names of files that various users assign to their saved files. The following names can be assigned to any format of an image. Image filenames are essential for both the user and the creator as it helps in better sorting and indexing out the content.

According to Google, image filenames play a vital role in sorting and indexing the content out of their databases. The executives Lizzi Sassman & John Mueller narrated that the image filenames don't help in ranking the content better, but it is essential in sorting the files.

Google Highlights Some Important SEO Mistakes And Image Filenames Importance

Also, users must give meaningful names to their images so the search engines can easily find out the relevancy of the file. As per Google's image guidelines, one can easily localize and translate their image names according to the context. An example would be that 'my-new-computer.jpg' is a better image name than IMG00987.jpg.

Also, both of them shared their experience with various users regarding filenames. According to them, an ample number of their users aren't well-aware of file names. Also, it would be easier for them if their use either edit alt text around images or cover images with some words, so they have a better idea about the file.

Furthermore, they advised their users to use descriptive names for their files as it is the most compelling method to place the files according to their relevancy. Also, according to John Mueller, Google doesn't crawl images more often. Crawling images often requires a lot of changing in the background, and even with the most advanced processes, the whole operation can consume a month.

Besides this, Google's official sources also highlighted that changing the names of crawled images has minimal effect and is not advised by many users. With this, there might be chances of arising problems.

To conclude, Google highly focuses on users to provide them with better filenames for better execution and results. The key takeaways are that users must use descriptive texts for better recognition of their files. They must surround their image with text names as it is a strong signal and besides this, they must avoid the mistake of changing the filename of an indexed image as it may go without getting crawled in Google's databases.

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