Google Fined $113 Million By India With Orders To Allow Developers To Utilize Third-Party Payments

Google has been hit with another mega fine by India which is ordering the company to enable developers to use third-party payments.

India has accused the search engine giant of taking complete advantage of its leading role on the Play Store and not giving developers the right to permit third-party payments for developers via in-app purchases or simple app purchasing.

This is the second form of penalty that has struck Google in recent times by the country in a few weeks. And it’s by a nation that has the greatest market of digital users across the board.

Meanwhile, India’s Competition Commission mentioned in detail a probe related to Google that arose in 2020. It mandated developers to utilize the tech giant’s system for billing on apps and through in-app purchases on the Play Store. But the commission found that to be extremely unfair and a clear violation of the country’s laws.

The regulator handling such an ordeal revealed how Google was not even making use of its own billing systems for homegrown apps such as the likes of YouTube and that is something that it felt was clear discrimination.

After that, a lot of the talk was restricted to an investigation that concluded how mandating a billion systems for Google Play would put incentives and innovation at an all-time low. It would similarly restrict app developers from taking on board technical developments with innovation. Similarly, this would deny market access to various forms of payment aggregators.

These types of practices end up causing a greater dominance of Google in the market for both iOS and Android. And it’s a clear violation to see Google try to implement its own methodologies for payments in the Play Store.

See India has every right to step in and stand for its rights because it houses the largest market for the search engine giant. The company is benefitting from immense growth after tapping into the wonders of south Asia and its huge potential to help supercharge the firm and cause an increase in growth.

Today, Google has managed to reach almost all of the country’s 600 million users and with Android having a stronghold on the country’s market of mobile users with 97%, you can imagine how much it’s profiting. Let’s not forget how Google Play has now turned into the second biggest network for payments across the UPI.

Google has been directed to put forward a new series of amendments across the Play Store and its policies. These orders are by the antitrust watchdog where developers would be allowed to use third-party billing. Moreover, these changes need to be implemented within the next three months.

Google will also now not be able to add more provisions and can’t restrict developers from talking with users for the sake of marketing. Everything will now be more transparent on the platform and no type of competitive advantage will be provided to the tech firm over anyone else.

They have also requested for Google put out any data that was gained through apps in a manner that is easily accessible to the developer involved.

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