Google is upgrading its Google Assistant's AI to improve accuracy for smart home commands

Voice commands have played an important role in making things more accessible. The feature has progressed significantly. Google, being a tech giant, also uses voice commands in its Google Assistant AI. Recently, the company has been planning to make AI more efficient.

According to the tech giant, they have put in a lot of efforts to add the latest technology to their artificial intelligence, which will lead the device to better understand the given instructions so desired actions can be performed effectively.

At first, the newly updated AI will be programmed to identify the device accurately for which the instructions have been given. For example, if the user gives directions to switch on the living room light, the Google Assistant, before executing its action, will first compare the command to the connected appliances based on their function and the place where they are installed, and then the instructions will be carried out.

Furthermore, the AI is programmed to translate directions that may not be clear in terms of the name of the device. If a command is given to switch the lamp on, it'll be approximately directed at the lamp situated in the bedroom, and hence it’ll be turned on.

And lastly, the final improvement being added is that the AI can now perform specific tasks directed toward specific areas. Such as, if a user asks to clean different areas, the device can go to the areas mentioned in the directions and perform actions.

Such changes are meant to make the Google Assistant experience more user-friendly. While it may introduce new commands, it could be possible that some of the old ones may no longer be functional. Hence, the user should get familiar with what instructions will get their work done.

Currently, the updated AI has not been released globally as Google is releasing it from region to region while observing their reviews so more changes can be added if necessary. In addition to this, Google wants its users to notify them of other directions that may not work properly so they can also be fixed.

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