Snapchat Plus subscribers are able to post stories that may last up to one week and set up custom notification alerts for friends

The famous social media application, Snapchat, recently released its Snapchat Plus feature, which can be availed through a paid subscription. The application has already managed to get millions of users subscribed to Snapchat Plus.

The main idea behind Plus is to offer new services other than the ones present in the free version. Monthly, new features are loaded for Plus users. One of the most talked about features is that Snapchat Plus offers a new time limit for a story. Instead of putting it on for 24 hours, Plus users can let it stay for either 1 hour, after which it won’t be visible, or they can change the time limit to 1 week, giving more time to their viewers to enjoy the story. Furthermore, Plus users can even set up custom notification tones for their friends so they can easily know who sent them a snap or message without unlocking their mobile phone.

However, only 7 different notification alerts are available at the moment, from which the user can pick. Not only this, but the Plus membership also offers different borders or outlines for the camera. Right now, only 8 different color themes are available for borders. These borders can give a more appealing touch to the snap.

With Halloween on its way, Snapchat is also going to offer different backgrounds for Bitmojis for October. Currently, the developers have planned to load 3 different backgrounds in contrast to Halloween.

Despite the new Snapchat Plus getting a round of applause from its users, the company was unable to reach the goal they were looking to reach in terms of revenue collection for the third quarter of the ongoing year.

Back in September, the company took several new initiatives, including new screen lock widgets for iPhone users and offering shortcuts for chats while introducing a desktop version of the application, which was only allowed for Plus members, but now general users can also avail of this feature.

Currently, 170 countries are hosting Snapchat Plus, and the subscription fees are almost $4 per month. For those who are always seeking out new features, they should give a try to Snapchat Plus.

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