Apple CEO Tim Cook Throws Shade On Facebook’s Metaverse And Its Complex Workings

The battle between tech giants Apple and Meta has always been interesting to witness. And today, we’re bringing you some facts about a recent interview with the Apple CEO who seemed to be throwing shade on Facebook again.

Tim Cook is currently touring Europe and that’s when he sat down for a one-on-one interview with a leading news outlet of the Dutch called Bright. As one can imagine from the Apple CEO, there seems to be a major focus on the world of AR. And then there’s plenty of talk about climate change and coding too.

As far as the world of augmented reality is concerned, Tim Cook says that the number of AR apps continues to increase as we speak. They’re flourishing on the App Store but that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for the world of technology to go much further.

At the moment, AR apps can be found conveniently but their potential can reach new heights, the Apple CEO says. He added how AR technology affects everything we see today. Just the thought of being able to teach using AR and put things on display in that way is mindblowing. Even the field of medicine can be transformed with such modern means.

He also adds how we’re going to stop and look back at how much this form of technology has revolutionized the world. It’s actually quite interesting he adds. But something that we found to be so much more interesting was his take on the Metaverse.

Meta has been seen doubling down on it for a while now but Tim Cook doesn’t see what Meta sees. Instead, he claims that if you ask the average common man what it means, they’ll lack an understanding of the concept.

Moreover, Cook feels that making people understand something is just so quintessential. And he was sure people lacked a basic understanding of the project.

Other bold comments by Cook were related to how the world of virtual reality is an amazing innovation but you can’t live your entire life in that manner.

You can really have yourself immersed in that. And it’s going to be utilized in a great manner. But you certainly don’t wish to live life according to that. He continued by stating how VR is great for a set period of time. But you can’t communicate through it too well. Hence, he was not against it but just offered his point of view on it.

Other than the usual comments regarding climate change and the coding that comes with it, Cook was seen touching down on some basic opinions of the entire political process and the associated climate regarding the context.

He felt strongly how technology has what it takes to tackle plenty of problems affecting humanity today. Being politically correct, he did take a moment to acknowledge the efforts of others that serve them. He added that he’s certainly not one of those but has a different role.

This comprises empowering people with all kinds of products that enable them to carry on with things that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Be it making them more creative or adding greater productivity to life, the list is endless. And that just means leaving the world of today in a better shape than the way we initially found it.

We’re not quite sure about how Meta is going to take this comment as it does come with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, he is the CEO of Apple, and just like anyone else, he’s got the right to this opinion.

Photo: Tim Cook / Twitter

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