Freelancer Who Edits Videos For YouTube’s Top Creators Shares Tips For Landing Big-Name Clients

It’s a goal for many creators to be successful on social media. After all, the perks that so many of these platforms provide in terms of turnover for hard work cannot be missed.

One of the most profitable jobs out there has to be related to video editing and today, we’re sharing the insights provided by a young man who managed to land some of the biggest recruitment opportunities out there.

Think along the lines of working for clients like Mr. Beast and more. Now, he’s on a mission to help others get the best job opportunities in terms of highest-paying clients, not to mention a total breakdown of how much revenue he receives for his work.

24-year-old David Stack mentioned how he’s a full-time video editor by profession and has been doing business under the alias titled, ‘Restricted Edits.’ And this includes a job offer that revolves around serving his talent for renowned YouTube Creator Mr. Beast for an entire year.

But after that wonderful, golden opportunity, he now carries out his activities as a freelancer for other big names in the industry and is really making a fortune. Going public with his revenue breakdown just goes to show how profitable the job is and hard work pays off when you work smart.

Starting off his career at the age of just 13, David had no idea what the future would provide for him. He loved the idea of syncing soundtracks with video games as it gave that special touch.

And then by the year 2017, he was a senior in High School and for him, the thought of skipping out on educational activities and making big bucks by doing things you love really began to excite him.

With great attempts made to attend college, he soon realized this was not for him. Hence, he dropped out after serving just 2.5 semesters. For him, the passion to work with the big names in the industry was not something new. It just added a lot of revenue and fame and this was something he really felt was destined for him.

With the passage of time, he searched for more great clients and there was a period where he realized the trick was to stop working for the same client for more than 2 months. After all, how else would he be able to grow and better himself?

As you can imagine, since then, this young man has never looked back. He’s working on bettering himself, his skills, and his career. Before he knew it, he was an introvert and felt staying home and doing work really intrigued him as compared to partying at clubs or hanging out with pals.

After taking a glance at his revenue breakup from the past four months, it’s quite noticeable that his decisions in life really paid off. It’s obvious that freelancing careers aren’t usually a walk in the park and they fluctuate depending on the market and the types of clients.

For him, June was the most profitable where he earned nearly $30,000. But after that, he grabbed a hold of earnings that were just $2100, followed by $14,000, and so on and so forth.

But here, he says that his personal life put him a little off-track because he decided to tie the knot with the love of his life. Hence, he slowed down his work pace to enjoy the new challenges that life would bring forward for him.

Then, the great economic uncertainty that came with this job can’t be denied as the market did fluctuate quite a bit in this manner. He thought smart and decided to raise his prices a bit for clients while promising them superb quality. And it worked.

Over the year, his charges have gone up from just $1000 per video to triple the amount. And as you can imagine, these alter depending on how hard or easy the work is and the great difficulty attached.

The biggest and boldest step was messaging the biggest creator on YouTube through DM on the app. The channel has nearly 100 million subscribers so it was a huge deal. But guess what, he landed the chance to edit one Christmas video. And with time, that slowly turned into a contract of one year. After that, he knew it was time to move on and get more exposure as a freelancer.

H/T: Business Insider

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