According to Adobe's prediction, Holiday sales may go up by just 2.5% this year

With Halloween, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday right next door, Adobe has already started to predict what the upcoming season will bring to online vendors. According to the company, online shopping will increase by 2.5% in 2022, totaling $209.7 billion more than in 2021.

Due to the high inflation rate, it can be expected that families will be on a tight budget this season, which means sellers will have to offer some great discount offers. Based on this, Adobe believes that the discount offers will be up by 32% in transactions.

According to Adobe data, Cyber Monday is expected to grow by 5.1% this year, resulting in sales of $11.2 billion. On the other hand, the Black Friday sale may not have much to offer as it may get up by just 1%, meaning $9 billion worth of sales.

According to Patrick Brown, the V.P of growth and marketing insight at Adobe, discounts will be available from October in an attempt to give a threshold before the holiday season arrives. He further added that despite the data suggesting minimum growth this year, the yearly online shopping went up by 8.9% as buyers have already given away over $590 billion through online shopping, suggesting that the online market still holds the ground.

While Adobe predicted the expected growth, it even talked about the changes that might take place in online shifts. According to the report, the company anticipates $49.8 billion in electronics sales, representing a 2.9% increase, while clothing sales may fall by 6.7%. Furthermore, groceries will add another $13.3 billion worth of sales, bringing the total to $103.8 billion.

Amazon’s July sales had a great influence on the online market as it managed to boost online sales up by 20.9% YoY. Following this, the upcoming Amazon sale may have the same turnover once again this year. This is the reason why other similar sellers, such as Target, also started their holiday sales before the holiday season's arrival.

With gasoline prices finally coming down, the situation is now giving comfort to the citizens, leading them to believe that the supply chain issue may also be resolved. The gas price deflation may even give rise to the sales of items such as vehicles and other such machinery.

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