Elon Musk Is Open To Longer Tweets And Videos On The App While Denying Layoff Claims Before Nov 1

Elon Musk is hinting at the possibility of including longer tweets and videos across the Twitter platform.

The billionaire was quick to address how he wished for a bigger character count and the chance to add long-duration videos across various tweets. Moreover, Elon Musk was also seen speaking about the changes that were in demand by users for a while now and he just might be the one to approve them.

The message was recently put forward in the form of a Tweet on Saturday. This is where the billionaire and owner of the firm claimed he was so open to allowing people to put out long videos and big tweets.

One person took this opportunity to ask the billionaire if he was open to the idea of getting rid of character limits or perhaps allowing a great expansion to it. Musk agreed and said that at the moment, Twitter sits on a cap of 280 characters.

But if you think Musk is limiting his new features to just tweets, well, think again. He was also seen hinting at increasing the length of videos that could be posted across Twitter.

So, is there a possibility of causing an increase in the length of a video or not? Well, Musk didn’t waste a second or beat around the bush. He just wrote, 100 to confirm that he certainly does agree with that.

As of right now, videos come at a limit of two minutes and 20 seconds on the app. In the month of March, we saw him sending a survey to followers regarding if they would be taking support through the platform’s algorithm or not.

But Musk also took the chance to let out a few of his concerns on the matter. He was worried about what effect the app’s algorithm would have on public discourse. He knows that no one would be able to tell what is really happening.

There are other reports speaking about how Elon Musk is willing to expand the famous edit button to all. He feels that the time has come for it to turn into a general rollout so we might be seeing that unfold soon.

We’ve seen the new Twitter owner also go into detail about matters such as providing Twitter’s exclusive Blue members with more features. But that would be coming at a cost of $20 and would also give them the status of an authentication mark. Don’t worry, this is worlds apart from the verification tick that is seen for various public figures.

This past week, we heard so much about Musk tweeting more about his firm and how it would be making way for an oversight board called the content moderation council that would help better regulate accounts and content.

There are yet to be any changes taking place so far in regard to the platform’s content moderation policies. This is despite the fact that so many different types of speculations are arising regarding accounts on the app being restored after getting banned in the past.

Elon Musk has also recently gone forward and refuted all sorts of claims in terms of laying off employees by November 1, which The New York Times says was planned to avoid paying out millions to employees in the form of stock grants as compensation.

Remember, layoffs were announced by the company’s owner before the acquisition occurred and they were outlined to comprise cutting off 75% of the workforce. We’ve already seen the likes of top executives and the CEO make an exit and we can only imagine who can be next.

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