EU Sends Reminder To Twitter That The App Will Function Under Its Rules In Europe

The latest trending news in the digital world has to do with the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk.

He has arrived with a bang and with plenty of new shakeups in mind. From reducing the current employee headcount by 75% to firing the CEO and other leading executives, this man means business.

Then of course there is talk about him revamping the app’s policies to help better suit the idea of promoting freedom of speech by all.

As the world takes notice, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market is having its say on how the app must abide by its rules and regulations. While it’s still not quite clear what direction Musk plans on steering the company toward, a lot of things are definitely going to change.

That has left the workforce, the investors, and the advertisers baffled and anxious to see what’s next. But the EU claims that its respective guidelines must be followed if the app wishes to function in this part of the world, which many claims to be an indirect warning.

Musk was seen calling out the old leadership of the firm as it failed to tackle matters like bots that really affected the platform and its content moderation policies.

The EU Commissioner made sure his tweet came with the hashtag of DSA along with it and that is a bold reminder of how the DSA or Digital Services Act will behave as it forces tech giants to act swiftly and remove content that doesn’t abide by its policies.

Common genres include the likes of abuse, terrorism, and even hate speech. Moreover, Elon Musk has mentioned several times in the past that the firm would surely be abiding by those laws and looks forward to being by their side during this time in May.

But the fact that the tweet has come out now means the EU is sending out a warning about how Twitter rules only under the EU leadership. Questions linked to banned accounts getting reinstated like that of Donald Trump have slowly become the talk of the town.

Twitter has now come out with the simple understanding that it would first be creating its own content modern board that would entail a lot of diversity in terms of views. New policies are going to be laid out and it will happen right before intervention from a council. For now, there is no news on how long it’s going to take for this council to get formed and conduct its first meeting. But we certainly feel it’s super interesting to see the company go through a phase like this at the moment.

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