Elon Musk Addresses Letter To Advertisers Claiming Twitter Can’t Be A ‘Hellscape’ For All

Twitter has a new owner and he is none other than billionaire Elon Musk.

The world’s richest man is opening up to the company’s advertisers about the great misconception being generated related to why he purchased Twitter and what changes the majority can expect.

But a lot of emphases was put on the fact that he does know the limits of his company and people worried about Twitter being free for all hellscape can worry no more. He added that there is no truth in making the app a place where all hate can be spoken without reaping the consequences. And while he may have said something along those lines, Musk says he does know where the platform will draw the line.

The letter began with Musk telling his advertisers how he wished to reach out to them on a more personal level. The tweet came right after a shocking image of the billionaire holding a kitchen sink took center stage as he made his way into the headquarters of the company. He tried to elaborate upon how everything would be changed, except for the sink. It’s an ode to a classic metaphor.

The news won’t be going down too well with employees as Twitter under the leadership of Musk will shrink its labor force and we’re talking cuts comprising a staggering 75% and more layoffs predicted for the future.

But the head of the GroupM Global For Business Intelligence mentioned how all these reports are so negative for advertisers linked to the firm. He added that revenue does not just end up showing when you are cutting back by such a huge amount. The funds are going to flow in from somewhere or the other.

Then he made some suggestions about archrival Snapchat could be a great beneficiary as it takes brand safety very seriously. So that could be one of the main reasons why the Tesla CEO end up sending the letter out in the first place.

He knows the power of advertising as the main source of revenue generation on the app. And seeing people be reluctant to the idea that things are said without consequences is definitely a thing he wishes to clear from the start. Moreover, it’s not quite clear if he was putting emphasis on toxic tweets or words linked to hate speech or even those having to do with advertising only. But one thing is for sure, advertising could be done in the right manner.

Musk says that advertising is an art and when done in the correct manner, it can really delight and entertain people while in other cases, it provides great information. For instance, it can talk about a product in demand or simply shed light on treatments that you had no idea existed. So to ensure such results are portrayed on the app, advertisers need to be very sure about where they stand and what they’re dealing with.

So as you can see, Musk is really playing his cards right. He knows that ads that don’t capture attention are spam but those that do are great for content purposes.

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