Creator Insider highlights 4 important updates for YouTube creators

YouTube is one of the most used video search engine in the world with millions of users on the app using it to upload and watch videos daily. While for most of us it is a source of entertainment but for some, it is a source of their income. That is why the Shorts Fund is so important.

What is the Shorts Fund? Well like the name suggests it is an income that is generated by monetized users for their shorts and it depends on the watch time and reach of their Short or the YouTube version of Reels. And the update is that creators have now been notified of their Short Fund bonuses that are granted to them at the end of each month and this time it is for September’s performance. The fund goes on their AdSense dashboard and they can receive their funds from there.

Moving on, there have been changes made to Playlist Reporting in YouTube Analytics. There were two basic changes made to the tab, 1. Some of the metrics have been renamed and 2. A new metric has been introduced by the name of Playlist saves. Like the name suggests this is a metric that lets creators know how many people have saved a playlist created by them. This would help users understand their audience more and create more relevant playlists and content.

Now, chapters are a very useful tool for users who want to see specific parts of a video only and want to easily navigate their way through the video and don’t want to miss anything important. The thing YouTube is doing is that it is bringing Automatic Chapters to a large variety of videos. Now what this will do is pretty simple, this feature will just segment your videos automatically. However, if you are a creator who wants to add chapters on their terms then what you can do is you can override the feature by adding chapters manually in the description box. In addition, you can also turn the feature off by going to YouTube studio and changing the setting as per your choice at the video or channel level. That is completely up to you if you want to upload default or segmented videos.

However, we have a bit of bad news too. There has been a bug in the system that affected monetized channels from October 7th to October 10th. Between these 3 days, the affected channels lost their monetization rights and were left unable to turn ads on for videos that they were trying to u-load at the time and thus losing their chat and email support access too. But, the good news is that this issue has been finally resolved and all the channels that lost monetization have earned it back. However, if you are a creator who posted a video between these 3 days then you should revisit the video settings and make sure that your ads are turned on.

Source: CI

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