New Report Says A Lot Of Work Is Being Done To Enhance The ‘Creator Economy’ With Monetization Tools

The creator economy in today’s digital world is flourishing and a lot of effort is being done in this regard, as proved by a recently conducted study.

So many apps are going the extra mile to make sure their creators stay happy and continue making some great content on the application. This includes different features for the sake of promotion of various monetization tools, which really assists stars in putting their capabilities in the limelight.

Creators are proving that they value the brands they’re working with and will assist in sales for their products on the app too.

So what’s in it for creators is a question that may be on your mind. Well, it’s actually a lot. For starters, they’re getting paid to do something they adore. Next, they’re linking with people that share common goals and interests related to them.

They’re doing everything they love and being provided bigger and better chances. A lot of original content keeps coming in and audiences are returning for more. This also gives brands the chance to flourish and gain engagement from audiences, thanks to the creators’ massive fan following.

Brands can now make the most of all sorts of creative tools and offerings. This can be achieved with partnerships alongside creative people that are well aware of what’s trending and what’s not. They’re actually familiar with the great practices used for making engaging content in today’s target market. But are creators really benefitting is what the real question is all about.

Today, nearly 50% of the creator bunch is getting financial returns on their hard work and efforts, as confirmed by a recent study published by Adobe.

This report was based on different types of input provided by nearly 9000 creators working on a non-professional basis. Moreover, around 40% of those minting money on online platforms were seen doing better than ever when compared to stats taken from two years back. And the 75% that began this year are flourishing.

For starters, the report highlights how more creators are getting a return on their hard work and this particularly includes Gen Z who make money through content generated online. And if you compared them to those making a minimum wage in the US, they’re earning nearly six times extra of that figure. But remember, when compared to other developed countries, the minimum wage here is lower so it might not be the best indicator of success.

Nevertheless, the data has highlighted how creators are making some good money through their work. And half of these people added that it’s making up a staggering portion of their complete income.

But which fields are trending and doing better than others? The report says it’s fields like creative writing and those linked to photography that has creators benefitting the most in terms of money. In addition to that, skills like animation are in demand as are video edits. But we’re sure you know that nothing is fixed and things do alter in the digital world.

Around 70% of those surveyed also felt that this is just the start of a bright future, adding how the metaverse will bring forward a plethora of job opportunities. This is proven by the fact that those working in the fields of AR and VR are getting paid way more than their counterparts.

They’re getting paid more from ad revenue that’s generated through such online platforms as this is the main source of income, even more so than the direct sales of work through online means. So it’s the ads that are bringing in the most money for creators while a bunch of others is getting money by promoting their efforts to consumers found on digital apps.
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