Bad News For Apple Users As Tech Giant All Set To Raise Its Subscription Prices

It’s going to be a first for Apple but the Cupertino tech giant is all set to raise its prices for things like the Apple TV, Apple One subscription, and Apple Music.

The news comes to us thanks to a new report by TechChrunch which went into detail about what Apple is doing and how much increase users should expect soon.

As far as Apple TV is concerned, the prices will increase by around $2 a month and that would take it to nearly $7 and about $69 per year, which is a jump from its initial $20. Meanwhile, Apple Music is all set to rise by $1 a month, taking the price to $11.

For the Apple Music Plan, an increase comprising $10 would occur and that would put the cost at a staggering $109 per year. Moreover, the company’s Music Family Plan will reach the $16.99 monthly target. Here is where a price hike of $2 is expected to take place.

Keeping this very same trend in mind, Apple One would be increasing its individual accounts by $2 while family plans would increase to $3. The same would be seen for premier plans. As far as Apple Music is concerned, the tech giant says it’s going to be due to a rise in costs linked to licensing.

Hence, this is one of the main reasons why you’ll be seeing music artists and associated songwriters earning more revenue per music stream.

The justification provided for the price hike on Apple TV+ is linked to the massively expanding catalog related to original television shows and films.

The firm’s spokesperson says the company had first introduced this Apple TV at very low costs as it only began with a limited number of offerings for viewers. With time, that increased and we saw that expand greatly today, it is home to one of the biggest selections of series and award-winning television shows, let alone movies. Moreover, you’ll find entertainment of all kinds and ones that are fit for everyone out there.

But the Cupertino giant does not plan on stopping there, just yet. They hope to continue to add some more innovative features that help to add more value to Apple Music.

Apple’s new announcement has led to an increase in price right after a trend took the center stage where firms were seen doing the same as tech giants such as Google. The latter just recently put out its first huge price hike for YouTube Premium. This is where the family plan underwent a staggering 28% rise or a mega $5 increase per month in America alone.

In the same way, Disney also mentioned how it was now going to raise the prices for its streaming. The news came as it rolled out Disney+’s variant with no advertisements, which caused it to jump to nearly 38% on a monthly basis. The same was seen with Hulu who offered a no-ads variant at a higher cost

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