Oculus Founder Says Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Is Terrible And Compares It To The Likes Of An Expensive Hobby

It’s been a tough year for Mark Zuckerberg with many highs and lows taking place in his Meta world. But the last thing you’d want to hear is more criticism about the upcoming metaverse.

This time around, the news comes to us from the founder of Oculus who has compared the platform to the likes of a project car that is terrible today. But he feels that Zuckerberg can put in more funds to make it an amazing endeavor tomorrow.

Moreover, he called it a passionate project that not many saw great potential in, other than Zuckerberg himself.

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey was very bold and blunt about the whole matter and we believe he does have the right to speak on the subject. Remember, Oculus was sold out to Facebook for a staggering $2 billion in the year 2014. But so far, he just isn’t happy with what the Meta CEO has come up with but he’s saying with a lot of major changes, it might be something great soon.

The news came when he was caught speaking during a recent Tech Live conference by the WSJ. When asked to comment on the Horizon Worlds project, he called it out as one that he isn’t interested in. Remember, this is the core project of the Metaverse so the fact that he does not like it says a lot.
With an investment that’s worth a staggering $15 billion, Zuckerberg has huge hopes for the future of the digital world and how it would be more immersive and embrace AR and VR technology.

For now, Zuckerberg does not have many tangible things to put on display, other than the company’s name and several headsets, and the good old digital platform called the Horizon Worlds, which Luckey says many people on the team dislike.

Despite being fired from Facebook, he wants to see the metaverse succeed because he adores AR and VR devices and feels Facebook can succeed from it greatly. He also acknowledges how Zuckerberg has really invested a lot of hard work, time, and effort into the platform.

He claims that a lot of funds were being put out by Zuckerberg and there is a huge chance that it would get better with time. He says that the company will be making a lot of mistakes along the way like a project car. And that really shocked plenty of people.

The Oculus founder says it’s like a costly hobby where you like a very luxe vehicle and then you end up spending a whole lot of money because you can. Clearly, we don’t think Meta would be happy to hear that.

From all that we’ve witnessed so far, the metaverse shift has been so costly. In 2021, ended up losing out on a staggering value of $10 billion thanks to Reality Labs which oversees all of the Metaverse’s projects like Oculus. The latter is renamed Meta Quest. Shockingly, tech analysts working at WSJ say they predict the firm to lose another $10 billion in 2022 too.

The Wall Street Journal is not giving out great responses to Meta on its futuristic platform since day one. And the fact that the Facebook app is suffering great losses thanks to reduced revenue and growth isn’t making things better.

Well, Meta is on its own course of handling things. We saw avatars with legs launched recently, alongside different advancements in the platform. But again, we also saw shares dropping down to a new low since the year 2018 too.

H/T: Insider

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