Apple Launches First Major Update To iOS 16 With Support For Innovative Features

In September, we heard about the new iOS 16 getting launched but there was plenty of talk about how so many features just couldn’t make it in time for the rollout.

But there’s no reason to break a sweat as those features are up for grabs in the phone’s newest update.

Yes, the iOS 16.1 update is out and it’s one of the first we’re seeing of the device’s operating system. Many people have waited a month for this but by the looks of it, this just might be worth it.

Those interested can avail it on all eligible iPhones by going through Settings, General, and then the Software Update. Moreover, you can expect it to take a few minutes to reach all those people waiting in demand.

Several new and exclusive features are being added and these include the likes of iCloud Shared Photo Library. This could be your own new and exclusive personal library for friends and loved ones. In addition, you can expect to find Live Activities located on the Lock Screen and another Dynamic Island seen on various iPhone 14 Pro devices.

Similarly, fitness enthusiasts have something great to celebrate as Apple Fitness+ can be seen across different iPhones without the need for the fancy Apple Watch. Moreover, the update will be bringing more support for Matter and so many others. We’ve got the complete release outlined for your below.

For starters, the iCloud-shared Photo Library is great for users wanting to stay up to date with images of those that mean the most. You can share this with five others while the rules allow you to add images from the past that are related to start dates and others individuals seen in your pictures.

The rules for setup enable users to pool their own images that are based on starting dates of when a library was made. Then, filters present to allow you to switch between the likes of viewing your shared and personal libraries together. You can edit, add captions, remove, and so much more, unlike before.

Next up, the Live Activities is designed for all of your third-party applications seen in a place like the Dynamic Island of your phone and also across various Lock Screens for iPhone models.

As mentioned, Fitness+ allows you to benefit from taking staying healthy and on track with your fitness journey, even if there is no Apple Watch in your repository.

The Wallet allows you to privately share your most precious assets through key sharing. Be it your hotel room, car, or more, this is applicable on both WhatsApp as well as Messages.

We have a feature called Matter which is another name given to smart home connectivity tools that support so many home accessories that function across various ecosystems. Moreover, you’ve got the Clean Energy Charging tool that allows you to limit carbon pollution by charging devices when there are other modes of low carbon emissions available.

Bookworms can take advantage of the Reader Controls that function through automated means and are disguised when you begin reading.

Last but not least, there’s a new bug fix up for grabs on the iPhone. Hence, you can find solutions to so many different vulnerabilities from the past where deleted chats can arise in the conversations list located in your section called Messages.

Others include Dynamic Island material not seen when using Reachability and CarPlay not connecting when using the VPN application. Apple has vowed to fix all of these bugs and another main kernel issue that the firm says may leave many people at risk.

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