Apple Left With No Choice But To Adopt The USB-C Charging Port For Future iPhones

Apple confirms iPhones are going to adopt the USB-C port for charging in the near future. We felt that was definitely going to be coming soon after the implementation of the new rules of the European Union.

The governing body made sure all devices would now have a standard for charging toward the end of the year 2024 and this seems to be in line with just that.

Apple has reportedly confirmed that it’s going to be adopting technology but it’s not clear yet if it's for all or only those located across Europe since the rules arise from there.

The tech giant’s VP for Global Marketing spoke about the technology which he called a mandatory obligation with no compromises. But just last year, we saw the Cupertino firm mention to media outlet Reuters that it would be seeing more electronic waste take center stage thanks to the rule as they would be taking a step back from Lightning cables.

Apple was also seen calling the rule out as one that stifles innovation instead of encouraging it. As far as the timeline is concerned and which devices would be getting it before all others, well, the answer went to the simple fact it all depends on the Europeans. They are the ones who are in charge of the rules for customers in that region. But the deadline given by the EU for the company to make the change is the fall of 2024.

Hence, that means we’re going to be seeing another generation of iPhones take center stage before that. Most likely we would be seeing the iPhone from 2024 make the change or perhaps it might be saved for the version seen in the year 2025.

So as you can tell by the VP’s words, the change seems to be dedicated to the European market of Apple users only. So there is a high chance that such charging cables are solely reserved for them only and the other markets could be benefitting from the likes of a Lightning adapter and more conversation approaches in places like the US.

We are only making our assumptions for now. Hence, it could just be us overthinking our approach and nothing else. There are some rumors of the company making a switch to portless modes of charging right before they make such a switch because Apple is not particularly happy about all of this. They are more than upset because it just goes against their targets and plans but due to the fact that the EU governs the region, they’ve been left with zero choice. We won’t be surprised to see more comments arise soon on the matter by Apple in public and how much it detests the move but has been left with zero choices or say on the ordeal. So in the next few years, you know exactly what to expect. An iPhone with its USB-C port. However, depending on where you are exactly located would tell if you can even make the purchase or not.

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