New Study Highlights The Skills Gap In The Cybersecurity Industry Due To Shortage Of Qualified Professionals

A new study is shedding light on the helpless state of the cybersecurity industry.

The report found a major skills gap in the industry due to a lack of qualified professionals who had the necessary talent to tackle major situations or challenges. And it’s shocking to note how the gap continued to get bigger with time, reaching a new high in the past year.

Last year, we saw global trends speak of a deficit of more than 2.7 million professionals needed to better overcome the obstacles or challenges. Now, the gap has gone on further to reach 3.4 million as of 2022.

This study comes to us thanks to the ISC2 Cybersecurity Workforce. They mentioned how just 12,000 people spoke of a huge workforce gap and seeing the gap worsen by 26% each quarter is alarming. Remember, issues in the digital related to cybersecurity are plenty and if you don’t have the manpower to handle the mess, it’s definitely concerning.

So where does the issue arise and how can it get better?

The CEO for ISC spoke about how it was partly linked to cybersecurity moving past things like a slowdown in the year 2020 and that’s when we saw the pandemic peak. He claims the gap arose during the pandemic and the recovery period after that just couldn’t be ignored.

A lot of digital transformations may be taking place in the back ends of offices. And hiring has decreased as a result of that, not only in the world of cybersecurity but beyond that too. People are being forced to reap the consequences.

If you look at the brighter side of it, the demand for such jobs has increased due to shortage and that can be encouraging to some. The gap is allowing people to realize that cybersecurity is a valued profession and those that have such talent in their firms need to value them further.

On the other hand, the report has gone on to speak about how 75% of companies are looking at the picture positively and hope to be optimistic about growth and taking on board more cybersecurity experts by next year. And that is aligned with trends linked to growth in the hiring process which is estimated to be 11%.

At that time, the industry did grow in terms of skilled workers by 11% and that’s almost a growth of 450,000 and needs to be celebrated. Incorporating a staggering 500,000 individuals into the workforce is a huge investment in terms of cybersecurity and the world of defense.

But the only cause for this deficit in workers is a shortage of skills isn’t the biggest issue out there today. So many firms are struggling to keep up with things like the current economic downturn. There are some low wages, poor budgets in place, and just a lack of marketing strategies like remote working. They all have a major role that are leading to the disaster.

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