Amazon Is All Set To Get Rid Of Fake Reviews On The Website By Filing Cases Against The Ones Who Sell Them

With the first case filed in Europe, Amazon is going to fight all the people who share and buy fake reviews on its platform. The company has complained that it has filed the first case of a criminal complaint in Italy and one civil lawsuit in Spain. Amazon has said that along with these 2 lawsuits, 10 new lawsuits have been filed in the USA too which will fight with all those people with fake reviews. These kinds of fraudsters operate 1,100 websites and many social media accounts that sell fake reviews to people. These fake review companies recruit some people who go and type in fake reviews on sellers' pages on Amazon. This is mostly happening in countries like the USA, UK, Germany, and other Amazon's big markets.

Amazon, which is the largest retailer in the world, says that these fake reviews affect its market so big action has to be taken. Even though this fake reviews work has been going on for ages, now markets like Amazon have come into action recently to maintain their image. Amazon's Vice President says that taking legal action is the only good way by which we can have a great relationship of trust with our customers. Not only will Amazon police the fake reviews, but also call out the ones who leave bad reviews without any reason. He also says that fake reviews are very harmful to markets like ours.

An intellectual property lawyer, Jim Gibson, says that Amazon is not directly suing the people who are selling fake reviews, rather the company is filing cases against the moderators and admins of Fake Review Groups on Facebook. At the same time, Gibson thinks that Amazon is only doing this for a public relations campaign and not for legal action. Amazon cannot file cases against anyone. This will always remain happening.

Amazon claims that it deleted about 20 million fake reviews in 2020 alone and they want to increase this number in 2022. Now Amazon has set up a team who will monitor fraudsters and fake reviews on the website.

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