Google Redesigns The Way Individual Search Results Appear On Mobile Devices

Just last month, we saw a series of new changes introduced by Google. And now, there is another major revamp that the company is bringing forward for mobile devices.

Think along the lines of altering the way users can search for Google Results on their smartphones.

The changes are said to include features like names of websites and a series of large-sized favicons too.

You can find the changes at the top of the Mobile Search screen where results will be shown right where the page’s existing name was present. Here is also where the name of the site gets shown on each search result too so users may identify the webpage that is linked to every result in one glance.

Similarly, the favicon witnessed at the top left-hand corner is now also being made larger and will be two lines tall. This way, it’s so much easier to find on the page as the change is super eye-catching whenever you go about scrolling. Thankfully, such website icons have even received much better resolution with time. And it’s Google that’s really putting out the best practices.

Next up, search advertisements are going to get the best treatment with sponsored labels in the dark text that can be found as the first line. Google says it wishes to make it a mark that’s super prominent and bold that can be seen across all kinds of paid content on the application.

The new label and the prominent position at which it arises can really meet the great standards of standing apart from all other search results, the company mentioned. Moreover, it is a part of their existing strategy and efforts to ensure data related to paid content is very clear.

In the same way, the company adds that such site names and large favicons are now up for grabs in various languages like Germany, French, English, and Japanese. Each passing week brings a lot more tests on the app. And it’s all happening live through the apps seen on Android and iOS search devices, including mobile web as of today.

Similarly, Google will also add the rollout in different languages soon as it’s the goal to give out more information regarding sites users witness and feel great about and love visiting.

Another feature like this would be tested soon on Desktop, the company revealed.

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