YouTubers Unite Against ‘Unfair’ Copyright Strike System And Urge The App To Take Action

A number of creators on the YouTube app are no longer sitting still after receiving copyright strikes. The YouTubers claim the content they’re being slammed for is absolutely fair and the allegations against them are baseless.

Some highlighted how there is one male identity whose main goal is to target them by using the copyright system as his defense. This way, he can silence them and carry out doxing against them too.

Now, creators are urging the app to step in and take notice. Simultaneously, they’re requesting protection as the issue is concerning.

The news began when a creator by the name of Mrs. Fieldz reportedly began getting two copyright strikes across her channel recently. Therefore, to help fight against them and solve the matter, she was told to provide information in the form of personal details.

From her name and address to her complete contact details too, everything was requested and she gave them. But ever since then, we’re hearing more news from media outlet Insider about how she’s been getting plenty of phone calls that she feels are suspicious as they hail from unrecognizable numbers.

After picking them, all she receives are clips linked to explicit content in the background. Now she is sure the people behind such copyright strikes are doing everything in their power to attain personal details and use the information later on in time against them.

Quite often, she’s also being flagged for content that she’s baffled by because she finds nothing wrong or in violation of the app’s policies. In her case, it’s about a few scenes that she can be seen recapping and giving her commentary.

The man who is reportedly at the dead center of the matter is a YouTuber by the name of Nader Elshamy. He’s managed to gain some fame after dating another creator by the name of Foodie Beauty.

The issue arose when around five different creators of the app alleged that this man slammed their channels with complaints linked to copyright. They also added that it might be an attempt to prevent them from raising their voice against him. Many fear retaliation from him and aren’t revealing their real names for this very reason.

The people stuck in this whirlwind situation are given two options. Either they can delete his content or fight the copyright strikes. The latter means giving out personal details.

Just recently, Eishamy went about threatening Mrs. Fieldz and vowed to disclose her personal details in public. This was only submitted to fight the strike and she’s worried about his intentions in general.

YouTube’s policy forces people to disclose personal details including addresses if they wish to fight the case of infringement. In case that does not happen, the only other way out is to take on board the legal process. This entails hiring attorneys who can fight cases on the creator’s behalf.

The whole matter is quite baffling, as you can see. Recently, Elshamy reached out to media outlet Insider and was seen revealing how he had zero intentions of personal attacks or doxing. Shockingly, he’s accusing creators of carrying out an attack on them.

Therefore, the matter has reached a point where creators want YouTube to step in and provide protection for ‘fair use’. They want some exceptions to be made to copyright laws, emphasizing those offering criticism.

But IP experts have reviewed such cases and according to them, it’s all really foggy and not clear cut. Other experts believe it’s not easy for the court of law to figure out who’s copying. But YouTube needs to find a solution as creators are looking up to the app to do what’s right.

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