YouTube Is Introducing Metrics To The Main Mobile App Which Were Previously Exclusive To YouTube Studio

YouTube’s adding more metrics for creators to engage with in the app proper, as opposed to limiting those to the YouTube Studio platform.

This was ultimately the endgame; while Studio is a very useful app, in that it allows users to keep their viewing history and creative endeavors compartmentalized, I still think that most users would vouch for everything being under one umbrella. The exclusivity went both ways, however, with the main YouTube app being the only place where users could moderate livestreams. It’s honestly a bit muddled up to mix and match features across the separate platforms, therefore YouTube’s current efforts to add as much as they can to the proper mobile app is, in my opinion, for the best.

First, let’s get smaller news out of the way; as I just mentioned, the YouTube smartphone app is no longer the only place where livestreams can be moderated. The Live Control Room will now also grant users moderation powers over their own livestreams, which seems like a very obvious move to make. The Live Control Room, by name alone, indicates that it should allow for control over livestreams. Apparently not; oh, well, errors have been rectified. The ability to edit and moderate livestreams has also been shared with the YouTube Studio app, bringing all three platforms to approximately the same level in terms of creative control.
The next major edit that we’ll be discussing is the addition of new creator metrics to the main YouTube app, that were previously exclusive to YouTube Studio. This includes analytics regarding posts such as normal videos, VODs, and livestreams. Naturally, this will be a big help to users attempting to understand what performs better with their audience, what rakes in new numbers, and what to steer away from for future reference. At this point, the only question that remains in my eyes is why YouTube Studio and the Live Control Room are even relevant anymore. If their features have been overtaken by the mobile YouTube App, then these niche apps will only be relevant to creators who, as I hypothesized before, want to compartmentalize their viewing queries and their content-related work.

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