YouTube Shorts Adds Many New Features That Are Popular On TikTok To Better Compete With The App

The race to become the world’s most popular social media app is on and YouTube is doing a pretty decent job at that.

YouTube Shorts was recently seen adding plenty of new features that you would call popular on TikTok. And that includes the launch of a new narration voiceover for iOS, commonly seen and loved on the app.

Creators can utilize the narration in cases where they feel commentary could add more value to the content that’s already been recorded. This might be in the form of cooking tutorials that comes with instructions, live reactions to content, or any form of narration that might be needed. Commonly sought-after examples include the likes of videos that surround the ‘day in the life’ theme.

To utilize the voiceovers across the Shorts app, simply click on the button with a checkmark that’s located on the bottom right-hand side of the camera screen. Then press on the button for voiceovers and start wherever you’d like to begin the narration. Don’t forget to click on the record button and be sure to adjust the volume to your liking afterward too.

Creators will be given the chance to redo and even undo so that their overall editing process is made easier.

YouTube Shorts was seen adding a new feature for iOS, other than the one described above. This includes the capability for creators to reply to comments using new videos. This feature was first launched by TikTok in the year 2020 and then we saw Instagram pick up the pace and launch its own version in December.

But one of the biggest news coming out from the app has to be its expansion for Shorts’ partner program. This is the first time ever that the app is giving creators who make short content the chance to earn funds via ad revenue on their content. And if things do go as planned, creators are going to be ecstatic.

Yes, YouTube does get a share but seeing these mighty developments is definitely a major and a new threat to TikTok.

By now, TikTok must be used to seeing all leading apps follow in its footsteps and this is no exception. But YouTube has been called out as one of the best ways through which creators can earn a decent living and that’s why such initiatives are being appreciated more than others.

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