YouTube Begins Testing New Creator Donation Feature ‘Super Thanks’ In Shorts

YouTube has recently spoken about how it's very keen on allowing its creators to earn more funds on the app through its popular short-form video feature called Shorts.

In addition to the company’s urge to launch a brand new revenue program for ads on Shorts, it’s also decided to begin beta testing for its creator donation program. Here, fans get the chance to buy comments highlighted on the app, in-stream.

YouTube recently went public with the next phase of this particular expansion and even gave examples related to showing it will work in Shorts too.

As can be seen via a series of screenshots put out by the Creator Insider on its video, viewers get a glimpse of their purchases on Super Thanks. These are messages put up by other creators that have the featured already enabled.

You can find it now on demand in particular markets belonging to creators that are already a part of YouTube’s Partnership initiative. But if you wish to qualify for this, you need to have at least 4000 watch hours in the past year, including 1000 new subscribers across the app.

If you do happen to meet these types of thresholds and happen to be located in a region where it’s active, well, you’re in luck. You can now accept donations through Shorts which will also now put up a highlighted message seen on the chatting stream.

For now, it’s not up for grabs for everyone yet. As YouTube mentioned yesterday, they’re super excited for the testing to commence further and with the launch of its beta to a series of creators, they’re interested in seeing the response. And in the next few months, more and more people can avail the opportunity.

It’s currently still in the early phase of testing but with time, it’s going to provide a major pathway for monetization of Shorts creators across the platform. The app hopes this will add a bigger edge over archrivals like TikTok but is yet to create the right process for monetization for all of its content creators.

But let’s not forget how TikTok does indeed have some form of a new donation feature up for grabs related to top creators. People with more than 100,000 followers on the app can also now get Gifts that are exchanged for cash, giving a direct form of support from their fans and well-wishers.

This is certainly a higher qualification than the classic YPP of YouTube. But you can expect some apps to work hard and bring down their threshold for monetization. This will allow for more creators to get tapped into such chances on their platforms.

This is the next big thing in the world of creator economy, winning hearts and top forms of talent with fans. And that allows them to pave the way for a better space.

YouTube currently stands at a much higher position in this regard. It has sent out over $50 billion already to its creators in the past three or more years. Yet, TikTok is being hailed as the competition to beat. But if YouTube continues to move ahead with brilliant offerings, we feel it really can sweeten today’s deal for some of its biggest stars. This way, YouTube could soon be a major front runner in the video ecosphere.

The only thing that’s lacking is the potential to earn more money on the app and that could really hurt TikTok’s leading stronghold in the market. For now, users of TikTok are very content with its offerings, as they are with Reels as their supplementary channels, as the main focus is on YouTube.

If cross-posting is allowed easily, users may be keen on maximizing their potential to earn more. This means the app needs to get more stars on board for attaining exclusive contracts. For now, the app is doing great.

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