Twitter Is Adding A New Communities Section For Users To Embellish Upon In Their Professional Profiles

Twitter’s adding in a new Professional Profile option via which users can feature any Community that they are a part of.

As an individual who’s not all that active on Twitter, coming back to the platform once or twice a month, I’m always just a little taken aback by just how many new things are added to the interface. I just got used to Professional Profiles being a (sort of) thing, and now we have Spaces and Communities to boot. As far as I can comprehend, Communities are just the equivalent of Facebook groups on Twitter; a common ground via which individuals with overlapping interests can communicate with each other. Professional profiles, as I’m sure most Twitter users are aware, refer to a profile model that users can sign up for to make their accounts come off as professional businesses and such. This sort of business account method is something that Meta, Twitter, and even Snapchat have adopted to some extent, which goes to show just how much our professional and personal lives have managed to bleed into each other. Personally, not a fan of this happening, but hustle culture will either work us to death or drown us in the process.

Professional profiles allow users to feature a myriad of information about either themselves or their small businesses and startups, and this new Twitter feature that we’re discussing adds something new to the mix. Now, users can add Communities to their professional profiles, allowing users the ability to share a single space where they can discuss the business at hand. This can be especially useful to the likes of influencers or online personalities since such individuals have already amassed mass followings that would love to cohabit in an online dedicated space. If subreddits aren’t enough, maybe an officially created or endorsed Twitter Community is what everyone was looking out for.

H/T: Alessandro Paluzzi

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