Users Can Now Avail A New Clone Of ‘Be Real’ Called ‘TikTok Now’ Outside The US

BeReal has really been making it big in the digital world and in case you didn’t know, TikTok has its own clone version of the trending app called ‘TikTok Now’.

The app is designed to provide followers with real updates in the form of random prompts related to what you may be up to at a certain moment in time. It’s random and spontaneous and people are loving it.

The launch of TikTok’s clone version is now up for grabs outside the US so you can download it if you’re interested.

A new description was seen across the Google Play Store that spoke highly of the launch from TikTok. The app wants users to share the most real moments of their life with those that mean the most to them.

On a daily basis, you can add images or videos at the same time as your pals. This way, you’ll know who’s active and free to see your updates. You will similarly be getting plenty of notifications as your fellow buddies. This arrives in the form of a window that’s open for three minutes and allows you to add clips of just 10 seconds. You can do this via your device’s front and back cameras.

So as you can see, it’s the exact same copy of BeReal. And it makes sense why TikTok wants to follow in the app’s footsteps because it’s trending around the world.

In addition to that, thanks to Matt Navarra, we’ve got some more insights on the new app. He says that in the US, the new feature is getting launched as an option in the regular TikTok. It’s designed to see how well people respond to different markets out there.

We feel that it would really benefit people if the app decided to do this because you’d see users logging into TikTok on a more frequent basis. Here is also where they could better monetize it through ads and really boost up their presence in the market.

The separate TikTok Now feature is a new endeavor outside the US and we’ll have to see how well that goes for users worldwide as it rolls out as we speak. There’s plenty of cross-promotional value included that can really boost the app’s presence and allow more people to connect simultaneously. In the end, the goal is to have bigger and better engagement than before.

We would also like to mention that this tactic might be a great strategy because TikTok knows that most of its users hail from the US so adding a new app in today’s market might be really beneficial.

Whatever the case might be, the news is not too great for BeReal because it’s really gaining up big time in terms of its market share. And having an archrival like TikTok come and burst its bubble by simply copying is annoying.

At the moment, the BeReal app stands at just 10 million daily active users. We’ve seen this app get downloads crossing the 43 million mark. Moreover, the app’s growth has really gone above the beyond that of Clubhouse so the hype is definitely real.

The comparison is also very interesting if we must say so ourselves. It’s not just about raw figures but the ultimate outcome and Clubhouse isn’t faring too well. So many apps have copied it now that the distinct and unique factor no longer exists and it’s not grabbing the market’s attention.

For now, it’s all eyes on TikTok’s clone version and by the looks of it, many are looking forward to it. What about you?

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