Microsoft suggests censorship cries will become futile if we stop labeling fake news false

The upcoming elections in the U.S. led Microsoft to take firm action against the content creators who take pleasure in spreading fake news. It is highly damaging for the honest party to get a vote, while fake news tends to spread like wildfire.

The company believed that labeling fake news as false could only create more havoc among supporters. It is more likely that they misinterpret the situation and label it excessive censorship. However, Microsoft decided to turn the wheel around this time.

Instead of branding the content as intentionally false, the company decided that they should give people a face of the ones who are behind the propaganda and spreading fake news. Moreover, the company techs are working tirelessly to expose these propagandists.

Consequently, trying to control disinformation to get to the bigger screen. Many social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, have faced an enormous backlash for deleting sensitive content. Removing hashtags and removal of content has become a widespread debate among youth.

Social Media platforms are trying to put forward solutions to clear future content from spreading fake information. Microsoft decided to tread a path of its own. To avoid potential backlash, President Brad Smith hinted that they are altogether eliminating the problem by tracking down the mastermind behind these campaigns.

With the rise of malicious actors threatening to harm the organization's reputation, Microsoft decided to target them and publicize their existence. The spreading of fake news can incite panic among the public and private sectors.

The misuse of the platform often leads to political debate as well as repercussions of the sort that could harm economic and political situations. Consequently, it could lead to violence and discrimination among the public.

Therefore, Microsoft decided to take matters into its own hands. Tom Burt, corporate vice president of Microsoft, decided to call fake news an influence operation. He further elaborates on the cause by saying that the investigation of the problem will be done under a pseudonym. It will prevent people from knowing the whole truth, as it is likely that people will start a new conversation on the topic.

Action will be taken to avoid these mishaps; the global government must resolve the issue beforehand.

Microsoft has stepped up its game by hiring information operation analysts and advanced tools to fight off these propaganda campaigners.

They are working alongside with company’s in-house cybersecurity teams. They seem to have dislocated suspected Russian, Iranian, Chinese, and North Korean state hackers. For security reasons, Microsoft could handle the situation similarly to avoid the future onslaught of fake news and disinformation campaigns.

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