TikTok Could Soon Be Forced To Pay Millions For Failing To Protect Children’s Privacy

Leading short video app TikTok could be landing itself in major trouble after failing to provide adequate protection for children’s privacy.

The popular platform that comes under the ownership of Chinese firm ByteDance seems to be outlined for having some major lapses for younger viewers. And to better safeguard their rights, they’re being penalized for failing to follow through with adequate measures mentioned in UK’s laws for data protection.

Meanwhile, the Information Commissioner’s Office has let out some recommendations on what it feels TikTok may have done to break data protection laws in the UK. This is an independent body that’s designed to uphold rights linked to public interest and information.

The watchdog reportedly issued the video platform with a professional document called ‘notice of intent’ which is another term reserved for a legal paper that arrives right before a company is slapped with a heft fine related to a breach.

The findings go on to suggest how the firm might have allowed information about young kids below the age of 13 on its app without any of them having any form of consent from parents. Similarly, they failed at showing to users through transparent means any proper information on the matter that was simple to understand. And if it’s believed to be true, well, TikTok may end up facing a loss of nearly $29 million

In the same way, this independent body could be seen mentioning how all of its decisions were provisional and that meant it might end up making some amendments later. Hence, no one needs to draw any conclusions about the breach of law too quickly.

For now, TikTok is remaining silent on the matter. Moreover, the watchdog was seen including more details on the possibility of listening to reps from the firm, right before they reached a final decision.

H/T: Telegraph

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