Meta Is Working On A New Profile ‘Switching Tool’ That Allows Users To Jump Between Instagram And Facebook

Meta is on a mission to add more simplicity to the lives of its users and that entails making it easier to switch between apps like Facebook and Instagram.

The company is busy working on a switching tool for profiles created on both platforms. Therefore, anyone working on one profile can jump to another on the other app, provided they’ve linked them through the company’s centralized hub called the Accounts Center.

When users are logged into one application, they can simply toggle into the other via a new profile menu and that’s where any of the linked accounts can be found.

Meta went public with the news today via a notification that signals how easy it has become to create, link, switch, and make the most of this new tool. Moreover, you’ll also be receiving notifications for several of your profiles too so it’s just so simple and we’re loving it.

For a while now, Meta says it always encourages users to come forward and make the most of their connected experiences. And we love how they’re doing this with the new Accounts Center. The whole idea is to become unified with identity across so many of its products.

For now, the feature is still in the testing phase but it won’t be long before we see it appear widely across devices for Android, iOS, and the web globally.

In the same way, Meta really wishes to add more simplicity by allowing users to rely on just one account that’s centralized all around these applications. Now, creating and managing various accounts simultaneously is as simple as can be.

Users will benefit from multiple account creation using their existing accounts on the app instead of beginning the entire sign-up process from scratch. We have to admit, that can really get annoying for some people. Now, users can avail of a new account creation functionality. While it’s a test, for now, you can find it globally across both iOS and Android devices.

In the past, Facebook was really against the thought of having a bunch of profiles. They insisted that a solo real identity took center stage but now, it’s definitely changing its tune with time.

Now, we could be seeing several reasons for that. For starters, Meta is aware that users’ digital identity has become multifaceted with time. Moreover, so many younger users are very keen on using all the popular platforms out there, and adding more convenience will surely motivate them to make an account and switch conveniently between them as well.

Meta is also well aware that its fellow archrival in the social media world, TikTok, is very keen on stealing away time that its users once used to spend on its apps. Hence, by motivating people to create multiple logins through several platforms, you may be increasing the figures linked to engagement. Moreover, things will surely be appearing positively in terms of the firm’s earnings call too. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Another point worth a mention is how Meta wishes all of its applications are as interconnected as possible. It’s very strategic so that if regulators ever plan on threatening the firm with a breakup, it will not be easily done as it would force selling all of the business linked to VR products, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

So if American regulators ever plan on hitting at Meta and throwing a series of perceived threats at the corporation, it’s definitely going to have its guards up to protect the company at every cost.

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