TikTok Announces Major Updates Including A Dislike Button And Bigger Video Descriptions

TikTok is on a roll recently as the popular video-making app was seen launching an array of new updates for users.

For starters, the app has spoken about the launch of a new dislike button. This has been rolled out for viewers worldwide and will certainly outline any irrelevant comments witnessed across the app.

So you can find this feature in the Comments section and while we first heard about the feature way back in April of this year, it’s great to be seeing it being rolled out now. The idea is to promote kindness on the app, claim experts.

See, the whole initiative is to identify comments that are not only irrelevant but inappropriate. In this way, users can better provide their feedback on a topic and also make the comments section better.

After a user opts to dislike the comment, only they will be the ones getting the notification on their app. So that means others like the owner of the content and the other audience members won’t be notified. Hence, there won’t be any feeling of hatred promoted in the community with this feature. Similarly, creators don’t need to feel demoralized in case they're at the receiving end.

Anyone that wishes to undo their own ‘dislike’ action can do so and so that makes it very similar to dislikes seen on other apps. TikTok has been working on this feature for a while now and it’s great to see the news go public, thanks to social media expert Matt Navarra, who first spotted it. But remember, you can see the total number of dislikes received as no total count is made visible on the post.

Next up, the app reveals they’re increasing the length of video descriptions. TikTok says the whole idea is to better optimize the content of creators as it’s a great opportunity to do so when users are searching.

And we’d just like to inform you of the news, thanks to Matt Navarra that the increase isn’t small. It’s major and by that, we mean an increase of up to 2200 characters! Before it stood at just 300 so as you can see, it’s a mega change.

Other than the fact that it’s going to be easier to search, the app says it also uses the text written to determine which video content it would like to recommend to its users. As Matt Navarra revealed, this is some major news for content creators on the app and could pave the way for TikTok to be more inclined toward transforming into a search engine. After all, what’s better than searching for your videos in the most user-friendly way right?

The change was first spoken about in June and now, the release has begun. So if you’re a content creator that’s looking for better engagement, be sure to add some more keywords like your city or state name so others can relate and give it a view.

Last but not least, the app has launched another exciting feature that allows creators to go live with more guests during their live stream. It’s an innovative multi-guest feature that many will adore.

TikTok is adding a new five-guest limit and each one gets their own separate box so they can attend to the invite and join immediately.

Last year in July, TikTok said it would be allowing a guest to attend the live stream but at that time, it was restricted to just one. But seeing five being allowed is definitely a great jump that many will appreciate via the split-screen mode.

As far as brands are concerned, they can now better more as more chances to display products on display or collaborate with other creators and more. So keep a lookout as the rollout has begun for all.

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