The Popularity For Business Apps In The US Is On The Rise With Installs Rising By 70%

New research by Sensor Tower is putting the popularity of business apps across the US on display.

Without a doubt, remote forms of work have had a major impact in the US. And we’ve witnessed a constant peak in people adopting the trends of business apps. Therefore, this study highlighted just that and how stats rose by 70 million every quarter when compared to those seen in Q1 of 2020.

It currently stands at a staggering 76 million, which is more than a 70% rise since the second quarter of 2022. The research also looks at other subcategories for app trends that many have witnessed growth. We're talking about the remote office, jobs, and business.

The year 2022 saw positive growth in terms of communication apps. From Google Chat to Microsoft Teams, they all had a rise in terms of their downloads. And that grew by a massive 3% between 2020 to 2021. And then, in 2022, the share of downloads rose in the US by 15%.

In the same way, we saw many app downloads for video conference apps decline last year and even further cline by 18% this year. Remember, the pandemic is over, so the surge that was once seen is no longer seen now as more and more people prefer in-person chats. Still, it’s not performing too badly and continues to remain a leading subcategory for business applications globally.

Next up, we saw Instawork experience mega gains this year, thanks to the very flexible platform it comprises of its workers. The user base here has increased more than 15 times than it started. And the reason is related to how it differs from classic apps.

This form for staffing is great for those working hourly shifts or having part-time jobs. This shows people are keener on making money online through freelancing apps like Fiver and Upwork.

Next, let’s take a look at downloads for office tools. They’re peaking as usual again as people working remotely don’t need to add extra effort to get their things physically for the office. They can scan things online, and that’s why Adobe Scan leads the pack. Next in line comes the Office Suite and then Adobe Acrobat. They’re getting more and more popular, up by 6% YoY.

Most of these downloads linked to business applications have seen leading figures across both the App Store and the Play Store. And they’re retaining gains since the first quarter of 2020. And most of the credit goes to both hybrid environments and those still relying on working remotely.

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