Google Chrome Will Soon Get A New Security Enhancement That’s Similar To Microsoft Edge

It was only yesterday that we found out that Google Chrome would be attaining an innovative search functionality that’s located on the sidebar. It was stated to be similar to Microsoft Edge.

In this way, users could highlight all the text of their liking on a webpage to search for more details related to it on the internet. Hence, you would no longer be required to open up a new tab.

All the results of your searches would neatly appear inside a pane that’s present on the side of the screen. Any relevant links, content, pictures, and more could be seen. But that’s not the only feature of Microsoft Edge that the firm is taking inspiration from.

There is a new security enhancement that they’ll be adopting soon that’s, again, very similar to Microsoft Edge, reports Leopeva64. Interestingly, a lot of Edge users won’t be aware of the fact that the browser provides a new ‘Sign-in via password’ that’s mentioned in the settings. So, you can witness this as your new added layer of protection when you’re planning to auto-fill any passwords seen in a form.

First, you’ll be required to add a few credentials linked to your device right before you plug that password in via autofill. So if you actually come to think of it, the real password is your device’s credentials. This is applicable to all websites seen on Edge.

So Google’s Chrome is all set to attain a similar option soon. Thanks to one eagle-eyed observer, we know that the option is up for grabs on Chrome Canary.

But Chrome is definitely improving on Microsoft Edge’s version by the addition of a dialog box. This tells you exactly which webpage you’re going to be given complete access to when using the convenient autofill mechanism.

We’re definitely viewing the new addition as a handy capability. After all, it’s adding a new layer of security. But do remember that it’s totally optional. Hence, if you don’t wish to be bothered by it, you simply leave it on the default configuration every time you want to auto-fill something on a webpage.

For now, there’s no word on when we can benefit from the feature on Chrome. But we know that it’s currently going through a testing phase, so it will take a while for the launch to reach all users.

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