Facebook Introduces New Page Features To Help Creators Connect And Get Discovered

In today’s digital world, creators are striving to get the right form of connection and engagement with their online audience. And it appears that Facebook is on a mission to help.

The company recently launched new page features designed for better discovery and connection with followers, as revealed by the Meta-owned firm on Tuesday.

Out of all the launches, the most notable has to be related to an innovative setting option that’s designed to put their content on display. This is exclusively for the most loyal fans and followers of their accounts.

All that needs to be done is simply pressing the ‘top fans’ feature while sharing a post. But that’s not all, creators will also soon get the chance to avail a new setting that can give fans the earliest access to exclusive content.

Similarly, we’ve got the news that the firm is releasing its ‘creator endorsements’ that enable creators to throw a spotlight on one another and even invite followers to subscribe to creators’ accounts that they personally recommend. And once one of your favorite creators follows a particular account, you even get an alert asking if you’d like to follow them.

Additionally, Facebook is going to add a new label for Rising Creator so that users end up discovering new creators across the app. And once a creator manages to earn that top spot of rising creators, they become notified.

Facebook is also speaking about how a label shows when and if a content creator has gotten great engagement from its audience, keeping in mind quality and originality criteria.

This label gets boldly displayed across the creator’s page and under users’ feeds and can be seen in the ‘discover more creators’ carousel. So as you can see, it really uplifts in assisting creators in getting a lead on their audience.

In the same way, this social network is publishing a new post with story templates that allow creators to automatically highlight who their top fans may be. Moreover, the company says these new templates are made to assist creators to show appreciation for all of their followers and express gratitude for all the love.

You can best view it as a huge shoutout for fans that express their loyalty from time to time. After listing the top fans of the creator, the firm also has plans to add templates to better enhance a creator’s engagement.

Lastly, the app revealed that it’s going to start allowing creators that have composer selectors on iOS access in the navigation bar to swiftly put out content. Be it a Reel, a Story, or a Live session, they’ll be able to quickly use the tool to produce content. But there are yet to be any reports for Android in this regard.

It’s definitely a great chance to see the launch of so many great features as the firm is really working on improving the app and providing its creators with something great in return. Only recently, we saw the launch of the ‘music revenue sharing’ functionality that enables video creators to attain licensed tracks for their content on the app.

For that, they’ll also be gaining a share of the ad revenue. Therefore, any content that’s greater than one minute can start monetizing via in-app ads.

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