More Than 50% Of The American Population Uses An iPhone Rather Than Android

New statistics are proving how more than half of the US population uses an iPhone, instead of an Android device.

This clearly shows how Apple’s presence has made a greater impact on users as compared to its Android counterpart. And we’d just like to inform you this is the first time that tech giant Apple has taken the lead against Google. This is ever since we saw the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 so as you can see, it’s come a long way.

Without a doubt, the iPhone maker has been a strong contender in terms of immense popularity in the home market. Moreover, it has always commanded a major share of today’s premium segment linked to global smartphones.

However, we can’t forget to mention how the great variety on offer by Android is a true force to be reckoned with. Let us not forget how its price points have also allowed it to be a true leader in today’s operation system.

Apple was never seen overtaking the supremacy that Android held. The company first overtook iPhones during the early phase of its launch and continued to lead the market. We’re talking about the year 2010. Therefore, Apple really struggled hard to finally reach its great top position today.

Thanks to research by Counterpoint, we’re getting striking facts about how Apple’s active installed base for iOS devices has overtaken Android’s.

Let’s not confuse this with news about shipments that are a direct reflection of the latest trends of today. We’re talking about a quarterly basis. This is where Apple has been doing well and has worked hard to try and eliminate the gap.

So what do these facts and figures really mean for today’s industry? The answer is simple. Apple is being provided with a much bigger market where it’s getting the chance to sell so many of its services including the likes of video games.

The news could not have come at a better time than now, we feel. Remember, there’s plenty of saturation happening in today’s phone market. But that’s exactly where such subscriptions are fit as the ultimate means for generating revenue.

They’re also brilliantly tying consumers into the ecosystem that Apple leads. And the chance is also being given to developers belonging to third parties to avail. Therefore, the iPhone maker will also be making a commission there as users get optimal software.

The lead may extend to new heights in the next few weeks when iPhone 14 is launched.

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