Apple Search Sees Increased Ad Spend For User Acquisition

User acquisition is a high priority for most brands because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing them to expand their user footprint and ensure future profitability. Marketers specializing in user acquisition often rely on search ads, and it seems like Apple Search is seeing a pretty healthy bump in terms of marketing spends in this regard. This is quite interesting since it shows that Apple’s privacy conscious SKAdNetwork is offering enough value for marketers to invest in it.

A survey that was recently conducted by Digital Turbine recently revealed that around 38% of marketers who are focusing on user acquisition plan to increase their spends on Apple Ads with all things having been considered and taken into account. 61% of marketers in this field have already started using SKAdNetworks, and a huge chunk of them are looking to up the ante with larger marketing budgets for the upcoming year.

27% of the users that responded to this survey also stated that they plan to start using SKAdNetworks during this year for the first time, and Apple’s provision of privacy protecting which does not provide information that can be used to identify users is clearly bearing fruit. Many criticized Apple for making third party tracking next to impossible on iOS devices, but in spite of the fact that this is the case the tech juggernaut is showing that there can be a much better way to advertise to users without compromising their right to privacy.

This data also reveals a lot about where marketers are looking to spend their money. About 46% of budgets allocated for marketing are going towards the production of video content. 18% is being put towards display ads, and 13% towards search ads. This means that search ad giants like Google have a relatively small pie, and they would want to prevent their major competitor Apple from taking the top spot. Video ads are a separate category, so Apple and Google are currently vying for dominance within this 13% which is still quite valuable given the size of the industry.

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