WhatsApp Is Working On New Updates And Here’s What You Can Expect

WhatsApp is working on a number of exciting updates and we thought it was time to bring them to you.

The platform is working on a new WhatsApp survey and while it’s still under development, it sounds very interesting. Thanks to Wabetainfo for providing the insider scoop, we’ve learned a few things so far on what to expect.

For starters, the update would be rolling out soon for desktop users, alongside iOS and Android. This update will entail a functionality that asks users for feedback through a survey built into the app. Through the chat, users would be able to tell the platform how they feel about their experience and how it can be better for them.

It’s not up for grabs at the moment but will be a part of the company’s future updates. Also, it’s only going to be limited to a few users and hence would likely show up on special occasions.

The company mentioned how the survey is completely verified and if users take part in the ordeal, their responses would not be affecting their account in any way, shape, or form. The platform wishes to improve its users’ experience across the app and that’s why it plans on gaining feedback to assist with this.

As of now, no details about what the survey would feature are being outlined but it would be rolled out from an official chat sent out by the firm. These would be marked using a green colored tick but the app says that it would never be asking for personal details. Hence, users should steer clear from taking part in such activities.

WhatsApp adds that it never takes part in asking users for their sensitive details like phone numbers, credit card details, and PIN codes. And at any point in time, users may opt to walk out of the chat if they feel like doing so.

Remember, it’s going to be a very exclusive affair so we don’t expect too many users to be getting invitations to participate in this survey. Nevertheless, we’ll keep you updated when it’s launched.

On the other hand, we’ve got news about another update that the popular chat app is working on. The platform is launching admin delete and status updates. The feature is currently in the process of being rolled out to a selected few beta testers at the moment, starting today.

So group admins would be given the chance to eliminate messages from other participants located in the group. How convenient will that be?

If you do wish to check whether or not you can avail the ordeal on your account, simply make an attempt at deleting texts sent out from other participants in a group. Just make sure you’re the admin of the group because it’s for them only.

If you see the terms, ‘delete for everyone’ pop up, then good for you! You’re eligible to use the new feature. Additionally, the features are stated to be rolling out for those with non-beta variants of the app. So they may be able to avail the feature too.

WhatsApp is not stopping there. There is also plenty of news linked to the app putting out the chance to witness status updates directly through a chat list. Previously, this feature was only for a limited number of beta testers. Now, however, the rollout appears to be for a wider audience.

In case you’re not a fan of the thought of viewing status updates through the chat or simply never bother to witness status updates, you can always mute it via the status tab. In this way, you won’t be coming across them on your chat list any longer.

While some features are exclusively for beta testers, others will be rolling out to the masses soon so keep an eye out.

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