Microsoft Celebrates Its 900 Million User Milestone With The Launch Of Its Ads Program

Microsoft appears to be on a roll. The tech giant just recently launched its first and biggest update for Windows 11. And today, it’s speaking of a new milestone that it managed to reach after a very productive year so far.

The company says it has crossed the 900 million user mark and is now launching its own Ads Program on the Microsoft Store.

The tech giant revealed how the past few months have been nothing but successful for them as the firm has broken some major records on the way too. The sound of nearly 900 million users making use of the Microsoft Store for downloading games, apps, and more via its Windows 10 or 11 versions is just mindblowing.

Other than this massive growth in users, the company also spoke in detail about a massive 122% YoY rise in submissions by its developers. This way, we’ve got some very popular titles making their way to the Store.

So where is all this mighty success coming from is a question on people’s minds. Well, the answer is simple. Microsoft has really worked hard in terms of improving its policies and criteria that developers must abide by. And in the end, this just adds so much more freedom for them to work around.

To help make sure they’re staying on track and not losing all the wonderful ground that they’ve made up, the company is speaking about a new launch in the shape of an Ads Program. It was announced previously at the Build Conference and is now taking shape in the form of its launch.

The new ads being introduced will give developers the chance to market their projects on the Store to more of its customers using advertising across devices via Windows 10 and 11.

Developers are also now being given the chance to sign up for their app promotions via banners on the Microsoft Store. And you can find these popping up whenever you search.

This gives you the chance to get relevant products on hand while boosting your downloads via developers. It’s true that the new initiative is in its infant stages but the way the company is trying to strike a balance between its users and developers after achieving so much success is commendable. So for the upcoming future, we suggest you keep a check for bigger and better changes.

Before we forget, customers will soon be getting a few serious quality upgrades for its store. By next month, users of both Windows 10 and 11 can see some huge quality enhancements in the form of better search experiences that enable screenshot previews.

There will also be some great tools for app transfers when you’re setting up your new Windows 11 on the PC. And the biggest update is linked to Windows 11 users getting Android apps with support for games.

This will be launched to people in 31 different nations and can be seen in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

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