Microsoft Launches New Tool That Keeps Users Safe From Losing Their Passwords

There’s a new update for Windows 11 users and it arises in the form of a tool that keeps users safe from losing their passwords.

The tool is a part of the most recently put out Windows 11 update and is referred to as an Enhanced Phishing Protection functionality. It’s sending out a warning whenever users go about typing their passwords on a particular app or webpage that might be insecure. And that could entail Microsoft’s own applications such as Microsoft Word.

See, the company wants its users to stay protected all of the time. And that’s why the update has come about in the first place.

The company was quick to go public with the news by publishing it through a blog post. Moreover, it boldly declares how this new feature will alarm users when they’re writing out sensitive details like passwords and they’re in plan view. Hence, this will ensure it’s covered and safely kept away from both scammers and those trying to hack into their accounts.

For this to work, the tool will make use of a SmartScreen. This is another name reserved for saved passcodes that can be entered at any time. It usually comes up with a warning that states how it's not safe to store passwords on the app. They also send another alert that mentions how it’s important to remove passwords seen across this file.

Users that wish to utilize this will have to have the new feature toggled. Remember, those that do end up installing the update will notice how this feature is disabled and hence needs to be switched on.

If you wish to have it enabled, simply enter the Start menu, click on Settings and then enter your privacy and security. There will be a button for Windows Security so click on that, which will lead you to your app and browser control. And that’s where you can find the section for Phishing Protection in the reputation settings.

You’ll need to click on the option that says you’d like to be warned about the storage of unsafe passwords and passwords being reused.

In the same way, Microsoft mentioned how IT admins have the ability to customize alerts with their mobile devices through solutions such as MDM. This includes the likes of Microsoft Intune.

This new launch is a major one in the new security update seen for Windows 11 this year and one of the most talked about ones on the platform to occur for months.

There is another new update that makes use of AI-powered technology that halts users from having malicious apps run across Windows 11. This is known as the Control For Smart Apps. After getting refreshed on a daily basis, this will evaluate the types of threat at hand and in case it’s high, it’s not going to be given the chance to run.

In the same way, we’ll be seeing a new series of updates soon that separately work to shield the app from vulnerable drivers.

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