Instagram Releases New Version Of A Parents’ Guide For Better Support Of Kids On The App

It’s back-to-school time and to help keep kids in line with that theme in the digital world, Instagram is going public with its ‘back to school’ guide.

The app just released the new version of its parents’ guide that entails a full overview of the platform’s features linked to greater control and privacy. In the same way, there are plenty of notes that give parents the guidance they require for young users on the app. And yes, that’s super important, the company adds.

The news was recently announced by Instagram where they revealed how adults commonly assume their teenagers’ real lives and those witnessed on social media are very different. You might be appalled to learn how they’re both so well linked. This is where most teens love expressing their thoughts and emotions on the matter. Similarly, you’ll find them hanging out with friends while exploring some great ideas across this app.

And yes, it’s a mixed bag of emotions. Some you’ll love, others, not so much. But all forms of interactions are a part of life, be it drama, romance, or anxiety. Be it on the web or not, that’s the reality and the app wants parents to understand that it's not only linked to technology. However, the app does feel it might be exacerbated through this means.

It’s true that so many researchers are coming forward and talking about the great dangers linked to this app. And when you’ve got the added pressure of going back to school at hand, we can see why quite a few people are worried.

Social media can take a toll on mental health as people begin to compare their lives with so many others. It’s the dangers that such consequences have that experts worry about. So that’s exactly where the Guide from Instagram steps in. We do recommend grabbing a hold of it and going through it deeply. And there are around 40 different variations available, according to various regions and languages.

The guide entails a complete overview of the app’s options for both privacy and safety, including how each of these added features works. The most important one is how users can limit who sees what on the app and how sharing things with a limited audience is the key to success here.

Meanwhile, a separate section has been reserved linked to DM safety which many critics feel is a major area of concern for the younger generation. There are some notes that are a great way that parents can guide their kids and talk to them about how important online safety is in today’s day and age.

Instagram reiterates how there’s no better time than now to really put some great information out there. Now is the time we’re seeing kids get adjusted to new rules and regulations, not to mention new surroundings at school. Hence, making them aware at this critical time is important.

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