Instagram Begins New Test Of Replacing Its Shop Tab With A New Notifications Tab

Instagram is one app that we’ve seen evolve quite a bit in recent months. While some changes have been appreciated, others have not so much. And now, we’re hearing more news on how the app is busy making another change that’s being tested.

The test replaces the Shop Tab with a Notifications tab. This is seen on the app’s navigation bar and some users have stated that their Shop tab is missing and has been replaced.

As of now, the company has failed to announce the test publicly but one spokesperson from Meta did speak to a media outlet called The Verge. They confirmed the change and stated that it was a part of a significant test that was designed to further simplify the workings of the app.

Moreover, now that the test has gone live, the change is being seen by a few people but the exact numbers aren’t specific right now.

The Shop tab was first seen being included around two years back. At that time, the pandemic was in full swing and people were really shopping online. This way, the tab served as the ultimate for people to connect with one another on the app.

Be it a creator, brand, or tiny business- many were able to put up their goods and services for sale. That is what gave users the chance to instantly buy products that were marketed on their feeds.

In the same way, we saw the tab also provide a number of recommendations for products, a handful of picks from editors, and live streams of businesses, among others.

While we’re not quite sure how successful the Shop Tab was on the app for the thousands of creators as well as for the app, one thing is for sure. It’s quite clear now how the firm is searching for a way to move in the right direction through new means.

The changes may be seen coming forward, despite the company offering better shopping features over the last two years. We even saw Instagram debut its ability for users and sellers to allow for direct sales and purchases via their DMs.

Hence, we don’t see how the removal of a Shop tab could make much of a difference if any. See, now it’s been given the importance of being a sub-section located in the app’s Settings.

As mentioned by Meta’s spokesperson on the change to The Verge, commerce has always been an integral factor that makes it so much simpler for people to explore and purchase new goods found on apps through their newsfeeds, Reels, Stories, and other forms of innovations like drops or through live shopping streams.

For now, the current removal is limited simply to a few users but if reports from The Information come out to be true, we could see it removed completely by next year. Hence, that makes the whole user shopping experience less of a personalized venture.

Just like any other update on the app when a feature comes out, Instagram will evolve with time and with the number of its fantastic offerings. Hence, we’ll just need to search some more to see how the change rolls out to other users soon.

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