Microsoft Launches Its First Major Update For Windows 11 And It Includes Some Big Changes

Microsoft has started rolling out its first major update for Windows 11 and it definitely includes some major upgrades.

While the update is for the company’s most recent version of its PC system, it’s shocking to note that many users are reluctant to take on the change and would much rather stick to using Windows 10.

But if you do happen to consider it, this could really be a game changer in terms of making your computer more secure, easy to use, and accessible. There are some reports of it making it greener too but we’ll need to double-check on that one.

In the past year, the tech giant has really focused more on the growth of the Azure public cloud and less on its Windows. We’ve seen the firm make some startling changes like acquiring huge assets like LinkedIn’s entire business network.

However, Windows continues to churn out around 12% of its revenue so it can’t be totally forgotten. Hence, we can see these updates as those that keep reminding the tech world that it isn’t giving up on PCs just yet. In fact, they’re keen on producing one reasonably sized update every year, in comparison to the two generated yearly for its predecessor version of Windows 10.

For those who may not be aware, Windows 10 is definitely the most popular variant of them all. Let’s not forget how it owns a 72% share in today’s market, as confirmed by StatCounter recently. But at the same time, it’s only temporary as its support will end in exactly two years' time, as Microsoft mentioned previously.

Seeing so many firms continuously rely on Windows 11 is definitely unique and we feel the company may have realized sooner or later that they needed to take out something big to better attract users to Windows 11. And this update appears to be it.

We bet you’re just as curious as we were about seeing what the update consisted of. So here is a brief outline shown below.

For starters, you’ll be able to avail a brand new program to perform video edits and also avail options for customization on the Start menu. This also provides more access to your classic apps.

There are quite a few changes being added to the Start Menu. You can pin apps across this menu, which is found in the screen’s center. You can even add folders of your applications in the menu for easier and quicker access. Simply drag and drop the app’s icon to avail.

Similarly, users get the chance to be in control of their grid density here, changing it according to their liking. There’s even a More Pins and More Suggestions feature found in the Settings Tab to witness more files on your menu.

Windows 11 is now coming forward with options to more neatly organize your PC’s screen. Hence, now, you get the chance to drag windows to your screen’s top so it lands on a zone that’s visible on the screen. Similarly, you’ll be allowed to add more windows in different zones. And it’s now working on Touchscreens.

A year ago, we saw Microsoft adopt Clipchamp for video editing. Now, it’s being pre-installed for users on Windows for free. Hence, this means availing some really neat features for free like video trimming and rotation. You can even add all sorts of filters, add exports that are free from watermarks, and draw upon different stock pictures and video content. But wait, there’s more.

Microsoft says it’s adding Energy Savings to Windows 11 too as a part of the new update. This innovative tool allows users to download and install the best updates for its system. Hence, you get to plan your installations when certain utilities rely more on energy resources to produce lower emissions.

Obviously, you’ll be required to have your PC plugged in when you wish to make use of this as you’ll need internet too. You also need to ensure you’re working from an area where there’s data on carbon intensity. Also, the company has now made the default settings for modes of Sleep and also Screen Off. Therefore, when you aren’t doing anything, emissions will be at an all-time low.

But out of all the notable features, we’d like to shed light on one very interesting one. This is related to the new Windows giving greater access to your Android apps. Thanks to a new inclusion via Amazon’s Appstore, the firm promises to add better graphical performance so your app performance is optimal.

Meanwhile, other app updates include the Smart App Control. This prevents users from opening up malicious files and if you don’t want this added guard of protection, feel free to disable it, although the firm does discourage such behavior. The reason is, you won’t get a second chance to have it enabled again without a reinstall of the new Windows version so you’re best avoiding it.

Windows 11 is also getting enhanced graphics for older game versions that will arise on those that aren’t running currently in the mode for full-screen viewing. Hence, you can avail better refreshing rates that allow for more pictures to be shown per second on devices with improved rates for refreshes. Most of these games are those that place emphasis on the DirectX 10 or 11 variants.

Similarly, users with modern PCs will get the chance to experience better quality video calls. The new update can alter background noise and have your camera follow you wherever you are going. In the same way, you can alter your video feed to make it appear like you’re directly having a one-on-one chat through a call.

Microsoft has also made searches for apps simpler and quicker via the taskbar with more accurate results produced in seconds. There is a lot of talk of another feature called close captions on almost everything while the update will add a new live caption feature for any audio and video content seen in any of its apps.

And for better accessibility, there are also new features called voice commands and voice access. This gives you a better way to provide greater control on your computer through speaking. You may even find it simpler to use than simply typing or pressing the mouse.

There are also more options for voices so if you’re not a fan of a voice reading up text across your screens as seen in the Narrator feature, you can avail yourself of new three options for three different voice options that are more natural in sound. These are made possible through AI technology.

To avail of the new update, Windows 11 users need to click on the Settings Tab and press the button to check for updates. If you’re still a user of Windows 10, check to see if you’re PC allows for the upgrade to Windows 10.

For now, Microsoft is still in the process of rolling out the update so you’ll need to be a little patient in case it’s not available to you yet with the complete list of modifications.

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