Google Is Letting Users Remove Their Personal Information With A New “Results About You’ Feature

Way back in May we heard about Google announcing a new tool that would help facilitate the removal of Search Results on the app that displays your personal information. And now, it appears that the feature is going live with a rollout.

Some people have already started raving about it and how they can see the option pop up when they open up their Google Applications across Android devices. It’s located on the top right-hand side.

And it entails a tab called ‘Results About You.' Once clicked, it very nicely explains how they can request the search engine to remove the details from results including phone numbers, names, email IDs, and your address among others.

In case you do find something while you’re browsing on the feature, you can always click on the overflow menu that’s seen on the top right-hand side of every result. This will open a ‘Remove Result’ feature that’s seen on the screen’s bottom.

Once that’s done, the feature allows users to monitor progress related to the removal of results linked to you. There are also certain filers to utilize like approved or in progress. Each page enables users to make new requests via walkthroughs like ‘why would a certain result be removed’ and whatnot.

You can even avail several options linked to why you’re removing this like ‘it shows personal details’ or ‘it reveals contact information’ or ‘it has illegal or outdated details’.

Users are talking about availing of the feature as early as this evening in countries across Europe, Asia and even in the US. However, we’re still waiting for the complete rollout soon.

Google says that when it does receive requests for removing data, it’ll need to take some time out to evaluate it thoroughly to make sure. They don’t want to be limiting other information that’s up for grabs that could be useful like news reports.

It’s important to also remember that if you do end up removing contact details online from the Google Search engine, then it won’t remove it completely from the internet. Therefore, it might be smarter to eliminate it from the hosting webpage directly, in case you feel more comfortable.

Google adds that users may begin removal requests from its page that delineates the company’s policies for deleting personal information.

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