WhatsApp Won’t Be Just A Texting Platform As The App’s Video Capabilities Set To Increase

When it comes to making a video call, WhatsApp isn’t usually the first app that comes to mind. It’s either Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype that has the world at its fingertips. They’re quick, convenient, and oh so reliable. You don’t need to move an inch for your conference calls.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, is usually restricted to being many people’s first preference for texting. And you may occasionally utilize it for getting in touch with contacts through calls. But wait, we may have spoken too soon as Meta has some other major plans in store.

Meta is on the move to raise the bar in terms of its video call utilities. And that’s when we saw Meta’s CEO go public to announce some exciting new functionalities that are sure to excite many users.

Meta is looking forward to providing more support for shareable video links where up to 32 people can be included through a single tap. So as you can see, the app is trying hard to catch up with Telegram in more ways than one.

It’s going to be including Communities, provide some great support for features like large file sharing, and even allow for multiple devices to come ahead and be guaranteed support here.

At the moment, the app has been providing support for around 8 users at one time. But seeing that jump to a maximum limit of 32 is definitely huge news. Moreover, at the start of this week, the firm will also be seen generating links for video calls. This way, users can easily pass on a link that they would like others to join.

For now, we don’t have any specifics on who can share such call links or how it can be done. Similarly, there is no news on who the feature will be limited to if any. So, yes, plenty of unanswered questions are there.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear what approach the app is taking. They really wish to deliver big this time and produce a feature that’s awfully similar to Google Meet. All you’ll need to do is share a link so your participants can tap into and join.

Google, on the other hand, has definitely come up with plenty of confusion on the matter when it chose to merge both Duo and Meet together. It wants to blur the line seen between one-on-one calls and group calls.

WhatsApp may be doing something similar, expanding its tiny group video call efforts into something that’s much bigger. Remember, Meta taking help from other apps through inspiration or the borrowing of various functionalities is not always a bad thing. But innovation in today’s modern digital world is key, we feel.

With the sharing of links, people would be allowed to join in on video calls, despite not being inside your contact list. It’s very much like how Google Meet. We’re not sure if WhatsApp will be including other features like call scheduling or more, but it wouldn’t hurt.

The mystery won’t be there for much longer and we hope to see more questions answered soon after the link begins rolling out over the next few days.

Seeing WhatsApp turn into a Google Meet clone isn’t the idea. Meta says it really wishes to add more convenience to people’s lives and we can’t see why it won’t be successful. After all, you’ll no longer need to rely on other utilities to get the job done. Simply allow WhatsApp to do all your tasks, be it phone calls, sending out texts, or having meetings.

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