Manifest V3 Is Chrome’s Next Best Extension And Here's Google's Timeline For Its Transition

Google is shedding more light on its latest extension called the Manifest V3 and that includes a new update on when users can expect the transition to occur.

Right now, it’s Manifest V2 that’s taking center stage but users can expect Manifest V3 to arrive with a bang by next year. For those that may not be aware, there is already plenty of criticism surrounding it.

It’s facing hatred for affecting ad blockers. But the tech giant says it's been left with no better decision than this because user privacy is definitely the key goal right now in terms of its design. But wait, in 2021, the firm predicted that the V2 extension would be eliminated by the year 2023. So as you can see, we’re close.

But right before that, we’re hearing more details on how Google is shedding light on the slow experimental approach related to switching off V2. This will entail a smoother transition into V3 during the process.

We should see the transition roll out by early 2023. This will also be the time period that Chrome carries out trials to remove support for V2 extensions across Beta channels and even Canary Dev. By this time, Manifest V2 will carry the smoothest phasing-out maneuver.

This is also when we might be seeing a new Featured Badge that’s located across the Chrome Web Store. The trials should carry on to the Stable Channel via Chrome 115 across the month of June. And that’s also when V2 might be unlisted publicly. So now such items would be published.

The end result will be enterprise domains and giving them more time. However, an exemption like that would be removed by 2024’s start when we’ll see Manifest V2 deleted from the Google Store.

But what guidance is Google really giving its developers in this regard? Well, it’s mostly related to switching to Manifest V3, much before the release occurs. And that’s because such extensions could be prevented from working at any given moment in time after the dates outlined.

There has been a lot of talk about work taking place with the company’s developers regarding the extension and how the new V3 could be enhanced via community feedback. And Google says it’s always open for criticism and has used that to include new APIs and various platform changes.

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