Google Chrome is getting its own root certificate stores

Encryption has become an important part of ensuring privacy. From encrypted chats to encrypted Internet connections, the concept has gone up on so many levels.

To make an encrypted Internet connection work, the web browser or software that would be linking to the Internet needs to have a record of reliable certificates that allows the exchange of a specific key to nailing down a protected Internet connection.

In this whole process, the root certificate stores play an important role by providing a list of authorities responsible for proper certification. Websites that have a certificate from such sources will be considered more reliable by the users. Based on this, the technology giant Google has stated that the company is planning to offer its stores with Google Chrome 105.

The idea of an independent root store is not a new one, and Mozilla did the same with Firefox a while back.

Previously, Chrome was dependent on the operating system of the device, which could be Apple's iOS, Android, or Windows. It may not appear like something to be worried about, but the developers behind this had to face a lot of difficulties. This is why Mozilla took the initiative way before Google Chrome.

Once this step is taken, Google will no longer be dependent on the operating system of the device and will be able to set its user policies to secure a reliable connection. Google is looking forward to working simultaneously with the CA holders to get involved with the whole web public key infrastructure process.
While Google is hoping to make the certification procedure more feasible for everyone, it can also be expected that the company is trying to get a hold of the Web. Since almost every other new technology needs Google’s support to start working,

The independent root store was announced 2 years back, but at that time the idea wasn’t able to get public support. Now the company has ensured that it won’t go against the operating system policies and has now started to introduce its root stores through Chrome 105 on different operating systems.

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