Facebook Experiments With New Option That Restricts Posts To Subscribers Only

Facebook is busy experimenting with a new feature that could restrict access to creator posts. Hence, this way, only those who are subscribers would end up taking a glimpse of the post while the others are barred from doing so.

We find the feature to be rather interesting and it is said to be limited to only the initial period after a post gets published. So that could vary between as short as one day or as long as a week.

An example of the feature was put up and shared by social media expert Matt Navarra (via Jonah Manzano). He showed how some users could gain early access to a feature that’s limited to Subscribers only by clicking on the toggle option. This limits access to that particular post for a fixed period of time.

Obviously, you’ll be required to have a few subscribers but we do see how it may end up turning into a handy feature. Remember, Meta is keen on having an expansion of the appeal of its creators. This is just so they can get a lot more of these individuals to post across more apps on a frequent basis, not to mention always having fans come back for more.

Instagram says one of its top priorities is marketing creators and it's on a mission to add a series of posts based on its AI recommendations to users’ feeds. This is being done to produce more exposure when it comes to rising talent on the app.

In the same way, we’re seeing Facebook add in a series of tools for its creators and that entails updates on the Facebook page and even ad alerts that show support for fellow creators, assist top fans, and more such features.

On the other hand, there is also some news about how Meta is previewing a better option that allows its creators to share certain posts only with those they deem to be top fans and even those that are subscribers to the app. So as you can see, it’s quite similar to the new option that’s up for grabs in terms of ‘new subscriber’ selections.

We can see how the ability to keep certain posts restricted for a short period of time can enhance this particular feature, proving a better way to boost subscribers’ value. Moreover, it would also end up attracting greater interest.

Imagine a visitor lands on your profile and sees there’s a post that’s exclusively solely for subscribers. When they try to view it, they’re locked out from doing so and can’t witness the content immediately. Hence, it’s definitely great at adding value and proving to subscribers that their loyalty is being appreciated.

Who knows, you might end up getting more people to release funds to witness your newest updates. See, it's all about how great or intriguing the post is and whether or not the viewer is willing to splurge a little extra to see what's in store for them.

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