iPhone Users Are Not Happy After Installing iOS 16 As Battery Issues Remain Unresolved

The iOS 16 is out and many couldn’t wait to see what Apple had in store for its iPhone users. But to so many people’s dismay, the new update has failed at resolving their battery life issues.

We agree that any new update is bound to affect your battery life a little, here, the software update has really shocked plenty of people out there. Two weeks down the line and we’ve got hundreds of complaints already.

After updating your device for the new iOS, it’s not uncommon to receive a small hit after the installation. Remember, the iOS software is busy working behind the scenes and trying to shape up things like your files, images, apps, and whatnot. But what we need to remember is how many hits are being publicized more because it’s such a huge update.

As a general rule, the end result is the influx of complaints regarding battery life. With time, after reindexing of data completes, we’ll see the complaints slowly but surely die down too. But this year seems to be a little different than all others. The complaints continue to come in and it’s disappointing, to say the least. It’s almost as if users are convinced that this new update just isn’t worth it. They feel it’s done way more harm than any good.

Meanwhile, a simple peek on any leading social networks like Twitter and TikTok has unraveled hundreds of complaints. All the users present here claim their battery life has really been affected over the past two weeks. And then as you may be aware, the conspiracy stories begin. Some feel the Cupertino firm is keen on intentionally reducing the battery life to drive in more sales of their new iPhone release.

A poll was conducted last week by 9to5Mac and more than 50% of users claim their battery life was made worse after the installation. And then quite a few mentioned their feedback through Reddit as well.

One person wrote how the drain of battery life is really a lot and way more than they had anticipated. And the fact that they’ve got an office job and haven’t changed any of their habits makes them shocked as to what is going on.

In the past, they used to come home with about 85% battery life left but now, it’s about 65% and it's baffling. And the drain is quite a lot and nearly zero usage of the device.

Another shocking complaint came forward by one user. And that was related to the battery life on the 13 Pro Max being drained like crazy. And then shocking stances of the phone lagging when using apps like FaceTime was also there.

Users are well aware of the phone getting regular again after such updates but it’s been two weeks and now they’re rethinking the decision to have iOS 16 in the first place.

Apple is yet to issue any statement on the matter. Similarly, their iOS 16.1 is also undergoing the testing period.

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