The World Of AR Technology Is Years Away From Mass Consumer Adoption, Confirms IDC

A lot of tech giants like Meta are strongly promoting the world of AR. But did you ever wonder if the masses are ready to adopt the trend?

A new report by the IDC is shedding light on how it does not expect the AR sector to take off anytime soon. In fact, we’re not going to be seeing any makeshift until 2025, it added.

The top analyst firm says that the news is related to a deficiency in new devices, shaky financials, and smartphones being enough to accommodate AR needs. It was all holding this type of technology in a backward manner.

The analyst company claims that by this year’s end, predictions for shipment figures will fall by nearly 9%. As far as the future is concerned, we could well be seeing the masses steer clear of adopting trends like AR glasses that Meta is a huge fan of. Even if such products do come, the earliest could be 2025, and not before that.

Apple and Meta are very keen on introducing different types of headsets linked to VR technology. In the end, the goal is to launch some more consumer-friendly products and streamlined designs. Goggles and even headsets would be the leaders instead of the glasses, claim experts.

It makes sense because, at the moment, there is plenty of trouble in the world of economics taking place. So many firms like Google and Meta are thinking twice about manufacturing some top core products and even services.

Meanwhile, Meta still has its eyes fixated on the metaverse. Then other firms, efforts in this particular area of AR may be scaled back because the goal right now is to move along with those goods and services that are generating the most revenue. As you can see, these factors may really delay AR.

Data from the IDC has predicted YoY growth declining for this year and even tread water for 2023. Then in 2024, we might be seeing modest activity. And years after that, it’s going to be a massive growth spurt, increasing to figures like 50% and even 120%.

So when you see Meta and others put up ads for such products, it’s definitely fun to watch but keeping in mind the current economic conditions, it’s definitely a long time coming.

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