Phishing Attacks Are At Their Highest As Figures Quadruple From 2020, Claims New Study

A new study is highlighting figures related to phishing attacks and how they’re currently at their highest. When compared to those seen in the past, we’re talking about a massive jump, almost quadruple from before.

The news comes to us from the Anti-Phishing Group whose quarterly statistics presented some shocking findings with a sharp rise in BEC, vishing, smishing, and utilization of social media.

As you may already know, new data coming through that show a rise in such figures are alarming. Phishing attacks are upwards and shifting to the right and that’s never a good sign as revealed in the findings for Q2 of 2022. And as far as which phishing is on the rise, well, all forms of metrics are increasing.

In Q2, there were over a million attacks of phishing in total. It’s nearly quadrupled that observed each quarter as stats were compared in 2020. And then we had around 81,000 attacks getting reported each month.

The biggest jump was witnessed in June, one of the biggest highs ever. Moreover, the average BEC was stated to be above the $109,000 mark, and that’s a jump of 20% from Q1. Then threats arising from social media also grew by around 47% over that time.

There were rises in mobile fraud, with both smishing attacks and vishing rising by around 70% across Q1. And as experts claim, it’s bad, really bad.

So what’s the solution? Well, organizations that feel serious about putting an end to this threat require layered protection. A strategy that would entail DNS protection and those that keep your emails, endpoints, security, and web safe. A lot of training is needed in this regard to help better ward off threats and allow many to report them quickly.

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