Instagram Tests New Feature That Mimics Other Social Media Platforms

A new report by TechCrunch is highlighting Instagram’s new test. But it’s quite unique, to say the least.

The social media app is experimenting with a new feature that’s designed to mimic other social media platforms. This is called ‘Reposts’ and it’s made to get another person’s content into your personal timeline.

You can say the feature is more or less like Twitter’s ‘Retweets’ feature where we witness reshares across apps such as Facebook and Tumblr. These are also being experimented with across archrival platform TikTok too.

The news comes to us thanks to Matt Navarra who first highlighted the repost feature and spoke in detail about what users of the app can expect soon.

The social media expert also shared images through a thread on the app last Wednesday. But we can’t forget how this is not the first time that we’ve heard about it. Alessandro Paluzzi was the first to notice its development during the month of May of this year.

This clearly means that the app has been working on this particular feature for quite some time now. Instagram wrote that the new development is basically another way to share great stuff with your followers.

But let’s not forget how sharing another creator’s post for one’s own followers to witness is not something very new for the app’s users. We’ve been blessed with that chance but only via DMs or the app’s Story option.

The only difference now is that this particular test allows users to share any post on feeds without the hassle of screenshotting or reposting or even passing by other sources.

If you’re an avid Instagram enthusiast, we bet you’ve even witnessed how your Instagram app has even brought about changes to sharing across different platforms. Now, there’s a chance by which you can share content with apps like Snap, Messenger, and WhatsApp before sharing through DMs. Again, it’s quite similar to the approach used by TikTok.

As you can see, there is a lot of following into the TikTok approach taking place at the moment. But we do know about one test that Instagram has put on hold. This was related to generating a more AI-based feed that’s full of pictures and video on full-screen. How’s that for a complete metamorphosis into the world of TikTok?

Meanwhile, there’s talk of a new test whereby users can tag posts as uninterested so the algorithm knows your likes and dislikes better.

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